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A soggy hello to ya parents!! It hasn’t been all that bad today, actually the weather has been quite nice throughout the day and the only time we had any real rain was during rest hour and let me tell ya, theres just something about the rain hitting the tin roof while you’re laying there with your eyes closed that just makes the time that much better. And as if on cue, right when it was time to start 4th period, the rain quit and it was a cool afternoon for everyone to finish their classes. Mother Nature must have been reading our schedule today ‘cause she started up with the rain during dinner and then backed off again as it ended just enough for us to go ahead and play tonights activity of Mission Impossible! You don’t think a little shower will stop our awesome campers from accomplishing their mission do ya. And wouldn’t ya know it, as I m typing this newsletter the rain has started again as everyone is already in their cabins. If any of the campers are still awake, they won’t be for long, I may be following them in that regard.

Like I said earlier, today was a pretty nice day other than the cooler temps for the swimming classes. I know some of the campers that I saw going down the waterslide didn’t waste anytime getting back out of the water but that didn’t stop them from getting right back inline and taking another run down the slide! (quickly!)

Mountain biking class got to take their trip to whats called “Taylors Ford” where they can actually ride the bikes through the river and across the rocks to the other side. I know we sent the video camera with ‘em and I think that had some footage that made it onto tonights highlights. Be sure to check it out and see if you see your camper hitting the wet trail.

Horseback got in most of their classes today and when it got a little too wet for them to ride they all went into the stables and got ground lessons on tack (gear) and cleaning the horses and stalls. Some of the campers even got to learn about a “Paint” horse You want to be sure to see in the video exactly what I’m talking about. They had a blast!! Even when they may not be riding the horses, theres still plenty for them to do and learn!

As we mentioned earlier, the ladies were able to play Mission Impossible tonight and travel from area to area solving close and finishing task assigned to them before they could move on the the next location. You should have seen (I guess you will when you look at the pics and video?) some of them trying to pass the apple from one camper to another from under their chin without using their hands. Of course they had the pass the cottontail from one nose to another nose using only the gasoline on the end of their noses and one of my personal favorites, is the move the oreo from your forehead to mouth using only facial muscles. If you guys don’t laugh at they you need to get your sense of humor checked, it was downright crazy and the girls had a ball accomplishing their task.

Of course everyone in camp has already been talking about tomorrow nights big adventure when the REAL boys from Camp Laney (Not just our counselors this time) come on over to enjoy the Sock Hop dance under the stars of he big sky. They’ll be out on the tennis courts under the lights dancing the night away and having fun. Its always a big deal and we’ll be out there shooting all the boys that ask to dance with your campers (you know, with a camera of course!) So you guys at home can see who your campers danced with!. Its gonna be fun and hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate again tomorrow night so everything can go off as planned. If not, not problem, we’ll just move everything into the gym and have the fun there!! Now if your camper doesn’t want to dance (Be happy dads!!! Hey, I got a daughter too!!) we’ll have a movie showing in the dining hall for everyone that wants to see it there.

Well, I think the rain has really put a damper on my ability to stay up and type (doesn’t take much to affect my “in”ability to type. I’m sure you folks at home find plenty of typos if you look…or even if you don’t look) so I’m gonna head off to bed and follow the little guys lead and get some extra shut eye tonight, I’d hate to waste a perfectly good night of rain by not sleeping, know what I mean?

You guys have a great night and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the Mini campers last full day of activities and we’ll hate to see them go but they do head out Saturday morning. More on the tomorrow night!! Mother Nature is calling me to sleep!!!