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Well helloooo again parents! Welcome back to a fantastic Friday here on the mountain, yea, I know Mother Nature didn’t play too well with the rest of us in the sandbox, but she did lighten up a lot towards the end of the day and that was plenty of time for everyone to get in lots of fun in their later classes today. And to be honest, even when she was raining on us in the middle of the day, we didn’t let that stop us from having fun in the rain. You can see in the pics, tennis class used the day to work on their water balloon smashes and it was just perfect for that. It was a little wet for circus to go up, but that also gave them the perfect opportunity to go inside and work on some of their ground acts and watch a little bit of Cir Du Sole and see what they can do if they work hard on their tricks. They loved getting to see some pro performers do some of the same tricks they’re learning.

Like I said, by the end of the day, the sun was out (so was the humidity! UGGHHH) and everyone was back to full speed ahead in their classes and actually, we had blue skies to finish out the day.

Before the boys arrived for the dance tonight, we were treated to a wonderful dance by all our mini campers. It was a great dance and the rest of the campers watched and cheered them on the whole way through. Those mini campers didn’t disappoint anyone and as a matter of fact, I was really surprised at how well they did in only a weeks time learning their moves. We have their dance on the flash drive with all the pics form the first week and we’ll have it ready for you mini parents tomorrow when you come to pick up your mini camper.

Now speakin’ of the dance, as the sun set and the temps dropped, it was just right for a little dancing under the stars out on the tennis courts with the boys from Camp Laney tonight. As the mini campers were finishing their dance, some “old ‘yeller buses pulled into camp. Sure enough, it was the boys pulling in for the dance. There’s no doubt they were “ready” for the dance you see a cloud and smell the aroma of Axe Body spray coming down the road as they pulled in. I gotta hand it to the boys tonight though, they hopped out of the busses and made their way through the human tunnel our campers formed for them and out on the courts they came and it didn’t take long for everyone to start dancing. I don’t know if it was the sock hop theme or what, but tonight everyone really got into it as they didn’t waste any time moving to the music. I know in the past, some of the boys stand off to the side for awhile and sometimes look a little more outta place then Snoop Dog at a George Straight concert, but that wasn’t the case tonight. Way to go guys, well done with your motivation!!

Tomorrow will be a sad day as we say good bye to all our mini campers, we sure are gonna miss the little guys, we’ve really gotten use to seein’ them all around camp following each other to their classes like a bunch of little ducks! Now heres a tip for all you mini camper parents that will be pickin’ them up tomorrow morning. Those guys have had a blast this week and theres no doubt they’ll be happy to see ya, but don’t go and get your feelings hurt if they aren’t happy about leaving all their new friends they have here at camp. Don’t be surprised if this happens, cause those guys have been “all in” when if comes to their activities and cabins!

After all the busy days and nights we’ve had up here this week, I know I, um… I mean the campers will really appreciate a slower night tomorrow to get my legs, I mean, for them to get THEIR legs back under them as we have what is best described as the worlds biggest slumber party here at camp. All the campers will come to dinner in their PJ’s complete with their pillow and sleeping bag or blanket. After dine we’ll all head to the gym and spread out with everyone having their own bag of popcorn (you can’t watch a movie without popcorn! That may be a law somewhere). Once they get all set in the gym, we’ll start the show and everyone will kick back and enjoy a calm, easy night. Theres no bet on how many will actually make it through the movie awake, but if I was a betting man, I’d say the over-under would be about 30 campers and probably 0 camp directors!!

We’ll be there to get some pics at the beginning but the campers tend to get a little upset if I keep trying to take pictures during the show. Kinda like that person that always gets on their phone when you’re at a movie….know what I mean. You just can’t stand that!! (and they always sit close to you even when theres plenty of empty seats!!)

Well folks, I’m gonna shut ‘er down and head off to bed and try to catch up on a little sleep so I can keep up with all your campers tomorrow. Don’t forget, if you’re a mini camper parent and you’re coming tomorrow to pick up your camper, be sure to stop by the office and we’ll have a flash drive with every picture you’ve seen this session on it for you to take home. Just stop by and pick yours up. The pics on the flash drive are full size files and they will be a lot better if you want to print out any of the pics you’ve seen.

Thats about all for tonight, my eyes are getting lazy and I gotta get up early to say goodbye to all our mini campers tomorrow, you guys have a great night and I’ll either see ya tomorrow morning or I’ll be here and talk to ya tomorrow night.

Have a good one,