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Well howdy parents, and welcome back to Day 4 of 2nd session. Its been another awesome day up here with cool nights that make it just right for getting some serious ZZZZZ’s (lets just be honest, after all the energy the girls spend during the day, going to sleep at night is not a problem anyway!). The campers are really in the groove now as they bounce from class to class. The cooking class was working on their own brand of quiche and although I didn’t get there in time to try any, they assured me it tasted great! If you have a camper thats taking cooking, you really need to get ‘em to do a little demo for ya when they get back home!

This afternoon, the girls at circus class were trying one of their hardest tricks on the Mexican Cloud Swing, it basically involves them standing up in the swing, getting it swingin’ as high as they can and then right as it reaches the peak in the front, they throw a big back flip and catch the rope with their feet on the way back down. Easy right?? Well, some of ‘em made it look easy and we got some great pictures of them giving it their all. Now, not everyone was all for the swingin’ backflip catch with your feet trick, some of the girls worked on ground acts and I am happy to report that one camper that could NOT juggle 2 years ago, has actually mastered the art of it and today we actually worked on a juggling routine that involves 2 of us taking the juggling balls back and forth from each other all while keeping them juggling in the air. If you think that sounds confusing reading about it, just try and imagine being in the middle of it. Once the camper got it down and could do it, you should have seen her jump and yell about mastering her new trick. Look through the pics today and you can see her doing her juggling. Not to sound like I spend a lot of time out at the circus class, its just that I’m a little impartial to it!! Know what I mean?? Way to go girls

The rest of the day I got to see the girls really encouraging each other in different ways on the ropes course, horseback and all the activities. I can tell ya this, the ladies at riflery are getting pretty good as they’re shootin’ the “I’s” out of the bullseye’s. These ladies are gonna be the next Annie Oakley (Who out there remembers her?) They’re getting lots of shots everyday and their hard work is paying off.

Even though it was still a much cooler day than normal, it was plenty warm enough to enjoy the river and all the toys down there. You can see form the video and pics, the campers found every way possible to get in the water, whether it was from the water slide, the blob or just playing on the giant lilly pad. There was some serious energy burned down there as they cooled off in Little River. Even the canoe class had some cooler moments today and Isabell was fortunate enough to get to travel with one of our classes and get some great “on the water” shots. Be sure to check them out in this afternoons pics.

Now tonight as we all enjoyed a “quiet dinner” (you believe that right??? 200 girls and we had a “quiet” dinner????). When all of a sudden the doors burst open and in came the nasty boys from Camp Laney (Ok, not really, it was just our counselors dressed as the Laney boys) but they came in and would you believe those varmints stole our campers club leaders and club flags right out form in front of ‘em. Well now, you and I both know your campers ain’t gonna stand for that and as soon as everyone finished desert, (you can’t go on a rescue till you finish desert, everyone knows that!!) our campers headed out in their club colors and went out to rescue their leaders and their club flags. All they had to do was figure out the clue as to where they were heading for that round, go to that part of camp and then get 4 campers around the legs of the counselors that were holding their leader or flag hostage. Of course those counselors were armed with plenty of stuffed socks and if they tagged a camper with one of the thrown socks that camper had to report to the scorers table before they could get back in and get after the counselors. As soon as they had 4 campers around each of the counselors legs, they rescued their target and then returned to get their next clue and do it again at a different location. Got it?? Its as easy as herding cats! I am happy to report that each club was successful in recovery of their leaders and flags and at the end of the night the winning club was…………..awe, come on now, you know I can’t be a spoiler alert for ya, check out the video to see who actually won!!

Well tomorrow is gonna be another busy day of activities and hopefully Mother Nature doesn’t alter our plans, but if she does decide to give us all a free shower, we’ll all go to our rainy day locations and continue with the activities inside. Either way, its gonna be a busy day and we’ll all be there getting all the action for ya.

Tomorrow night will have our Mission impossible where the campers will work in cabin groups to make their way across camp without being seen by one of the spies (counselors again). If a counselor sees a group moving through camp they’ll yell out “Counselor sees you” and the campers will have to freeze and pretend they are rocks and not move as the counselor inspects what they thought was people moving. I know it sounds crazy but the kids love it. Oh yea, when they do make it to their target location, they’ll be given a task to complete before they get their next clue to the next location. Of course the task will require skill, dedication, pin point determination, you know, task like peeling a banana…..using only their feet, or moving an oreo from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. Were talking difficult things that even Tom Cruise couldn’t do in some of his Mission Impossible movies!! Watch out Tommy, there are some REAL action hero’s coming through!!

Well, its a relative early night and I think I’m gonna take this opportunity to let you guys watch the video and then get a good night’s sleep (some of y’all are looking a little tired!). We’ll head on out and start gettin’ ready for tomorrow so we can bring it all to ya.

Have a good night and get some rest, All the campers up here are already doing that! (and I’m about too!!)

have a good one,