A worn out and sleepy hello to ya parents!! Can you believe this is the last blog of the session? Yea, tomorrow night will be so busy there won’t be time to do the blog cause I’ll be busy making flash drives for all of you with every picture we’ve posted throughout the whole session. Of course I can’t start making those flash drive copies until after they finish with all the pics and videos after banquet and river vespers so that may help explain why theres no time for the blog. On a good note though, we will have every picture you’ve seen online copied and ready for you to take home when you get to camp Friday morning!!

What a great last day of activities we had up here at camp. I was able to get out and shoot some pics today with Isabel and I couldn’t believe how quickly this girls were going up the pamper pole, tower of power or how good those arts and crafts projects were. One thing I really enjoyed was hearing all the other campers around the activity encourage each other and help them to make it to whatever their goal was. It was really cool to see and hear so many girls stepping up to help out and lead each other. You’re gonna be amazed at the changes when you get here and see your camper again! They’ve done a great job!

As you can see from some of the pics on the zip line and blob this afternoon, some of those campers had no problem posing for the camera even as they were flying down the zip line of being blobbed way up in the air. That makes it fun to shoot pics when they’re that confident of their abilities. (OK, maybe, just maybe, they were hamming it up a bit, but that counts as confidence too!!)

Tonight we had our Showtime at Skyline where all the girls in the circus, dance classes cheerleading and gymnastics classes got to strut their stuff in front of the whole camp and show off what they’ve learned and been working on while they were here. Be sure to check out some of the pics so you can see how well they did tonight! Of course we had some great emcees too as our LT class did all the introductions dressed and playing the parts from High School musical! At the end of the night everyone broke out into one big dance in the gym as they celebrated the end of the Showtime.

Tomorrow will be a different day as after breakfast, we’ll play every campers favorite game “lost and found”!!!! Hopefully we can reunite all the campers with their articles of clothing that have been abandoned somewhere in camp with their rightful owner. After we finish L&F, we’ll head back to the cabins and start packing everything up and then head off to club meetings. One thing we won’t have tomorrow is our Grand Championship at horseback since we had it today in case Mother Nature decides to alter the day. Be sure to watch the 60 seconds from Skyline video to see who won!

After lunch, we’ll have our matinee in the gym where all the campers will be treated to the premier presentation of “The Lion King”. Those girls have been working hard trying to remember their lines and places as they put on the whole play for everyone. Its sure to be a hit and we’ll be there to shoot some pics and small portions of video but aren’t able to film the whole thing for ya.

After the Lion King, we’ll have our awards ceremony where each camper will receive their patches for activities and their awards for number of years attended at camp. Its a great time to get whet they’ve earned and trust me, they don’t mind a little down time by this point of the session (either do I!!!)

After everything is finished for the day the reality of it all coming to an end will set in as we head to our end of session banquet where the campers will find out which club won the cups they’ve been working for this session. Of course the most coveted cup is the spirit cup thats awarded to the club that shows the most sportsmanship, embraces the camp spirit, and naturally has the most “togetherness” and spirit! Now one thing I gotta tell ya is at the end of all the awards, it REALLY hits home that camp is coming to an end. This is where it gets real and you start to see just what the last 2 weeks has meant for all the campers as they start to say their good bye’s. There won’t be a dry eye in the banquet as they realize just how much they mean to each other and how much their gonna miss each other and the times they’ve had here together. Now folks, I like to kid around a lot on this blog, but this ain’t one of those times. It really is moving to see how much these girls mean to each other and how much their gonna miss each other and just what they’ve gained together while they’re here. We’lll have some pics from here but a picture just doesn’t do it justice to the emotions these girls are experiencing as they say good bye.

After the banquet its time for River vespers where each cabin will tell their cabin wish and then our age out campers will give a speech they’ve written about what their camp experiences mean to them. I gotta tell ya folks, these speeches are from the heart and they hit ya right there and give ya a lump n your throat as you listen to a 16 year old talk like a well polished speaker about what all she’s learned and what her times and friends at camp have meant to her. It truly is amazing to hear these young ladies step out of their comfort zone and just speak from the heart. I know I couldn’t have done it at that age, its one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t already, and your camper is an age out camper, ask them to read their speech to you when you get home, but have some kleenex ready, you’re gonna need it!

Well folks, its been one heck of a first session for us up here. We hope its been as fun for you to play along at home these past two weeks. Like I said last night, please be careful if you have to drive through any bad weather to get to camp Friday and we’ll see ya when you get here.

We can’t thank you enough for entrusting us with your most prized possession for the last two weeks and we truly have loved having them play and grow with us here at Skyline. I can’t wait for you to see the difference in ‘em when you get here and pick ‘em up.

Don’t forget to stop by the office to get your flash drive with all the pics and while you’re here, you might as well say “Hi”. I won’t be hard to find, I’ll be the one that looks like they’ve seen ALMOST as much time on a computer these past two weeks as you guys have!! You guys have a great night, a safe trip up the mountain and we’ll see ya Friday!!

Take care and God Bless,