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Everyone loves a good S'more!!

Helloooo parents and happy opening day to ya!! What a great open day we had here at Camp Skyline today. The weather was perfect (ok….a little warm to be moving trunks, but hey, it IS summer!). Congrats to all the parents for a smooth and easy move in day here at camp, y’all did great getting all your campers settled in their cabins and then watching all the girls get out and start having fun!

I’ll be bringin’ ya all the news each night from camp and keepin’ you guys in the loop as to all the fun your girls are having while they’re here with us at camp. I’ll try to get the news to ya as fast as I can, but sometimes my fingers don’t exactly cooperate with my brain and it does take me awhile to get the right keys punched when it comes to typing, so bear with me and be sure to strap on your safety belt as we kick off this summer and get the fun going! Its gonna be one heck of a ride for the next two weeks as you guys tune in to see what all’s happenin’ up here at camp!! So here we go!!!!

It didn’t take ‘em long to get in the groove of camp as each cabin played games and all the campers learned the names of their new cabin mates and friends. After some quality game time, all the campers went to the gym to find out which club they’re in. Now you guys at home pay attention to this cause these girls take their club choosing seriously. Once they’re in a club, they’re in it for life and I do mean life. We have some 60+ old alumnae who visit camp and you’d think those ladies are still competing for the spirit cup when they’re here. I’d imagine your campers will be that way too one day LONG down the road. You can look at the club and cabin pics to see what color your camper is wearing. If she’s in RED, she’s a MOUNTIE. If your camper is in BLUE, then she’s a RANGER. And of course, if your camper is waring GREEN, then she’s a TROOPER. Be sure to take note of which color she has on cause that will be their club from now on and you don’t want to call the little darling’s by the wrong club name, That could be dangerous for ya, know what I mean??

After lunch they picked out their schedule of classes, you guys will be getting a post card in the mail soon with their schedule on it so you too can see what they picked out for their classes. While there were in the gym they also met their Skyline Sister. This is like a Big Sis-Little Sis thing. We split the camp into two halves and the older girls all take off one shoe and throw it in a bag, the bag is then taken to the younger half of campers and each one picks out a shoe. When we bring the girls back together again, the older girls have to find the younger camper with their shoe and thats their Skyline sister for the session. It just gives them someone older or younger to hang out with and have something in common with. Some of these sisters have gone on to be college roommates so like I said, they take this stuff pretty seriously and they never can tell who their new best friend may be!

After all that, everyone went to take a tour of camp (we don’t want ‘em getting lost while they’re here do we?) and of course that included a stop at the camper favorite place, Beli Deli. This is our own “snack shop” where they all seemed to love the newest addition to “Frios”. If you haven’t ever had one, you gotta try em!!

Tonight we had our cabin fun night where each cabin got to choose an activity for their whole cabin to do. This let them keep connecting with their new cabin mates and really have a good time together. We had everything from shaving cream wars, karaoke, spa and make overs and even a huge game of charades out on the sports field. You can see from the pics, there was lots of dancing and fun being had by all the campers. Of course each camper got to come to the campfire and enjoy their own S’more tonight! (Who doesn’t love a good S’more?).

When it was finished everyone came to tonights campfire where our chaplain, Sarah Kate gave tonights evening devotion with a story about a trip I took her and a group of counselors on caving. She talked about how dark it was in the cave and you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face, yet when only one person turned on their light, that single light was strong enough for everyone to see a lot more than they thought they could. She tied that into our theme for the summer of “Ignite” and told all the girls that over the next 2 weeks, no matter how small they were their light for Jesus could help show a lot of people more than they thought it ever could. It was a great devotion and all the girls really enjoyed it.

By now all the campers are in bed (I wish I was!!) and getting ready for tomorrows big day of activities. We’ll be out there shooting all the campers (with a camera of course!!) and getting those pics up to ya just as fast as we can so you can see everything thats happing up here at camp.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we bring all the action to ya, I know you don’t want to miss it!!

For all you first time camp parents out there, be sure to pace your selves. We’ve got a long way to go and you guys are gonna be spending a lot more time on your computer than you thought you would over the next 2 weeks. If you’re not careful, you’ll burn your candle at both ends before ya know it! You’ll be scanning every picture for an elbow, shoe, back or anything you can find trying to see your camper. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!

Well, its that time of night when I get to head off to bed. You guys have a great 2 weeks and enjoy all the pics and everything else we post and enjoy the time at home. We got this covered up here!!

Have a great night, we’ll see ya tomorrow! LJ

60 Seconds from Skyline- Day 1 session 1