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Hellooo Parents and welcome to day 1 of second session! First off, you guys did a great job checking in this morning and making the whole thing as easy as possible. I think everyone had their campers checked in and already playing games with their new cabin mates by 9:30. That may be a new camp record! It was about as perfect of a day to check in with the cooler temps and low humidity, fortunately, that continued throughout the day and all the campers loved the cool mountain air as they ran around and played on their first day.

Its been a busy first day as all the campers played some get to know ya games with their new cabin mates so they could all learn each others name and get to know one another. As soon as they were finished with the, it was time for lunch and then they got to find out who their new “Skyline Sister” was. This is like a “big sis- little sis” thing where we split the camp into half by age and each of the younger campers takes off one shoe and puts it in a bag. The bag is taken to the older campers and each one picks out a shoe. When the older campers come to the gym, they have to find the owner of the shoe they have and this is their new “Skyline sister!” That way everyone already has a new friend at camp and they get to know each other and then most importantly, learn the Skyline sister dance (this will be important later once we get to dance night!!).

After Skyline sisters are formed, it was time for a camp tour (hey, we don’t want the little darlings to get lost while they’re here do we?) and then to everyone’s favorite place, Beli Deli! This is the camp snack store where they get to choose 1 drink and a snack when they’re there. Some of the campers were really liking the new natural treat we have in there this year, Frios! Its a special kind of popsicle that is outta this world, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it in your letters home.

After Beli deli, if they weren’t already in a club, they drew beads to see which club they are the newest members of. Now pay attention folks, ‘cause you don’t want to get this information mixed up! These girls take their clubs seriously and you could start a small war if you call your camper by the wrong club name. You can see which club they’re in by the color of the shirt they’ll be earring in their club and cabin pics. If they’re wearin’ red, then they’re a Mountie. If its blue, then they’re a Ranger. And of course, if they’re wearin’ green, they are a Trooper. Like I said, be sure to pay close attention to act color your camper is wearin’ cause you’re gonna be buying a lot of that color during the off season so they can stock up for their next year at camp!

The campers also signed up for classes today and you should be getting a card in the mail soon with all that information on it. Now don’t go runnin’ out to the mail box waitin’ on that card any time soon. This is Mentone, and its a slower pace of life up here and that includes the mail man too. I’m not sayin’ he’s slow, its just that he ain’t gonna get any speeding tickets while he’s picking up and delivering the mail. know what I mean?? It will be there in a few days though so just be patient and pretty soon, your card will arrive.

Tonight we had our cabin fun night where each cabin got to pick what they wanted to do together so they could keep on getting to know each other and have some fun times together. We had everything from shaving cream wars, to spa treatments, (Mentone style), a relay race fir tic tac toe with charades, (yea….it was a new game to me too, but the campers loved it), a little karaoke and bored games. Of course every camper got to come to the campfire and enjoy a home made S’more before everyone came together and had our first night devotion as one large group where our Chaplain Sarah Kate gave the devotion and how our summer theme of “Ignite” came to be. She then shred a story about going caving and how dark it was when everyone turned off their headlamps. Then when one person turned their lamp back on, it gave off enough light for everyone to see what was around them and illuminate the area for everyone there. This is how we can share Gods light and theres no telling how ma y people we can illuminate for by letting Gods light shine through us. She then told all the campers they would have plenty of opportunities throughout the next 2 weeks to ignite Gods light and show it for all the other campers. It was a great message and the campers really enjoyed it and took it to heart.

By now, all the campers are fast asleep in bed (that sounds like a pretty dang good idea if you ask me!!) and getting ready for their first full day of activities tomorrow. We’ll be out and about shooting everyone (with the camera of course!!) so you guys playing along at home can see all the fun they’re having while they’re here.

Speaking of fun, tomorrow night is gonna be a feast paced, fun filled action event called “Sock Wars!”. This is where we split the camp into 3 areas and each club will take their flag and hide it in their area. Each camper will be “armed” with several stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks so you don’t have to worry about that) and when they ring the bel, all the campers will head out to try and find the other clubs flag. But watch out!!! if you’re hit by a sock thats thrown by a camper in another club, you’ll have to report to the scorers table before you’re back in the game. Basically, there will be hundreds of campers all dressed up in their club colors running around and throwing socks at each other. Its one of the wildest things you ever did see. Be sure to check back in tomorrow night and see for yourself on the video and in the pics!

We’ll, its been a fun filled first day and theres still a long way to go in this session so I think I’m gonna head off and hit the hey and catch a little shut eye myself. You first time parents at home will be smart to do the same, if you’re not careful, you’ll spend the whole two weeks on this dad gum computer and you’ll be more burned out than your camper (but won’t have near the fun!). Be sure to pace yourself and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can get the blog sent to your email every morning and wake up to find out all the action that happened th enight before (or you can stay up and read it from “the Roost” if you just gotta know what happened before you go to bed…and theres some of y’all out there I know!!!)

Y’all have a great night, I’m gonna shut ‘er down for a while. Well be beak here tomorrow so come back and join us and see what all’s happening up here!

Have a good one, I’m heading to bed (you should do the same!!)