A cool and somewhat soggy but fun filled hello to ya parents!!! We’ve had all sorts of fun and different types of weather today up here on the mountain. It started off as a sunny and warm day this morning and then right after lunch, the clouds came and the wind picked up but not before everyone could finish their 4th period activity and then went to rainy day locations for the rain and little bit of thunder that came through. It didn’t last long though and the only thing we missed was our Beli Deli time. By the start of 5th period, everything had moved out and it was back to the fun even with the ground a little wet. Of course we did so well at moving from activity to rainy day location, Mother Nature wanted us to try it again so when the rain started falling a little more during 6th period, all the campers were well versed in moving right along to their rain day locations. Thank goodness it was only for a the last little bit of 6th period so all in all, we got pretty much every activity in today! There was a lot of movement going on with the campers but everyone did great and made it to where they were supposed to be and still got to play in almost all their activities.

Tonight everyone enjoyed playing “Mission Impossible” where they worked their way (as a cabin group) across camp following clues and completing task as they make their way to Freedom Land and trying to avoid the enemy spies (counselors) as they sneak from location to location. If a counselor see’s a group moving and yells “Counselor see’s you!!!” the group has to hunker down and pretend to be rocks and not move or they have to go to jail. Once their cabin comes and gets them out of jail, they’re on their way to the next clue. I’m just trying to preload ya for when you see a bunch of pictures of campers pretending to be rocks and then trying to figure out what in the world they are doing!!

Its a fun night and all the campers love trying to keep from laughing when the counselors are “inspecting them” or trying to make them laugh as they’re pretending to be rocks (everyone knows rocks don’t laugh……they have no sense of humor!……I bet you just laughed didn’t ya??)

Tomorrow will be a full day of activities and everyone has already been talking about the big event for tomorrow night!!! Thats right, the boys from Camp Laney will be coming over for our Hometown Throwdown themed dance! Now don’t worry dads, we’ll out there right in the middle of it all and we’ll be sure to catch a picture of all the boys that ask our campers to dance so you can see who your camper danced with! Its gonna be a fun night that everyone enjoys while they dance under the lights (and the stars) out on the tennis courts in the cool mountain air. Be sure to check back in and see all the pics, theres sure to be a bunch of ‘em with everyone out there in one place showing off their best moves. The good news for those campers that choose not to dance can go to the dining hall and kick back and enjoy a movie with some popcorn so matter whet they feel like doing, theres something for them tomorrow night!

You guys take it easy and get some rest, you’re gonna be busy tomorrow going through all the dance pics and the rest of the ones from the day. Were almost half way there and you guys have been on this dad gum computer way more than you thought you would be. Be sure to pace yourself and enjoy your time at home.

Ya’ll have a great night, I’m headed to bed to get some rest myself (I’ve been on the computer a little bit too).

We’ll see ya tomorrow