HELLO PARENTS!!! SORRY FOR YELLING, ITS JUST THAT MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING FROM ALL THE MUSIC THAT WAS PLayed during the dance. Whew!!! thats better. Everything is much quieter now!! How y’all doin’ tonight? What a hometown throw down we had here on the mountain! All your campers were dressed up in their best hometown swag and ready for the boys from Camp Laney to arrive for tonights big dance. Sure enough, as soon as you could smell and see the cloud of Axe Body Spray rolling down the road, here came the boys on ‘Old Yeller’ (the old school buses) coming through the back gate to camp and unloading for fun under the stars.

It didn’t take everyone long to get in the groove (do they still even use that term?) as the music was playing and everyone started to dance. I can tell ya this, if I never hear another Taylor Swift song again, it will be too soon, but the campers love it (They really need to be educated to some “good” music for the 80’s if you ask me!). As the boys ran off the buses, our girls made a “welcome tunnel” for them to make their way to the tennis courts and make ‘em feel right at home. Now even though most all the boys were dancing by them selves or with our campers there were still a few that looked a little nervous about asking the girls to dance (ok, some of them looked REAL nervous about it, I mean, some of those little guys looked more outta place than Snoop Dog at a George Straight concert….Know what I mean??) Not to worry though, it didn’t take long till everyone was out on the courts having fun and enjoying themselves. By the end of the night, I think every one of the campers was out there either slow dancing, line dancing, or just doing some moves I’ve never seen or can’t even describe. But they were having a good time so thats all that matters.

To be honest with ya, I don’t see how our campers even had the energy to dance tonight after all the action that took place during the day. If you look at tonights video (yea, its a little long to get all the action) you can see for yourself they were all over the place. Some of the smart ones were enjoying the waterslide and pool and keeping cool that way. (there MIGHT be a connection to the hotter the day and the amount of under water and pool pictures and videos you see, we wanna cool off too and hey, jumping in the water is just part of the job!! we’re happy to go above and beyond for ya! :-)

Tonight at campfire, we were treated to our nighttime devotion from our LT’s (thats the oldest girls in camp taking a Leadership Training class). Tonight they led the devotion and spoke on how, when you shine a flashlight into a mirror, you can direct where the light comes out and goes and how we can do the same with God’s light from inside us. It was a great devotion from some of tomorrow’s leaders and I gotta tell ya, if these girls keep leading like they’re training to do here, were gonna be in pretty good shape!! Way to go LT’s!! If your camper is in the LT class, you should sleep well and be darn proud of how your camper is stepping up and out while they’re here!

Tomorrow will be another full day of activities but then after dinner, we’ll slow things down a bit and let everyone grab their own bag of popcorn, head to the gym with their sleeping bag, dressed in their PJ’s and get comfortable to watch our Movie Night feature. Not sure what the movie is tomorrow night, but I do know this, I’ll be, um… I mean THEY’LL be happy to have an easy night where I can…I mean, THEY can get some rest. I’ll let ya know the next day how many of them actually make it through the movie without falling asleep (OK., lets just be honest, I’ll probably have to have someone tell me how many are asleep at the end of the movie ‘cause I’m likely to be one of the ones thats asleep!!)

While it will be another fun filled day here at camp, it is a sad day also since we have to say goodbye to our mini campers that will be heading home tomorrow. We sure are gonna miss the little guys and we hate to see ‘em go. If you’re a parent of a mini camper and you’re coming up to pick yours up tomorrow, be warned, they’re gonna be happy to see ya, but don’t get your feelings hurt if they’re not happy about leaving. Sometimes they just wanna stay with all their new friends and keep playing. That’s a great thing to happen and be happy when/if it does. But you will need to be ready for story after story about everything they did here this past week on your way home. It will make for some great conversation on your drive home. When you come pick up your mini camper, be sure to stop by the office before you leave and pick up your flash drive that has all the pictures form this session on it to take home with you. We’ll have them at check out and just grab yours when your here.

Well folks, after another long day and an even longer night (yea…guess who gets to make all the flash drive copies when they finish typing the blog???) I’m gonna head on out and let you get back to looking at ALL the pics from today and the dance. Theres enough there to keep ya busy for awhile so I’ll let ya get back to it.

You guys have a great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow and tell ya all about the day and the movie (maybe on the movie…depends on how much of it I stay awake for!

Y’all have a good one, we’ll leave the light on for ya!