Happy Saturday to ya parents (can you believe it Saturday already??) I know you think I sound like a broken record (ok some of y’all youngsters out there probably don’t know what that is…its the original playlist, google it), but it was another perfect day up here on the mountain. Plenty of blue skies and breezes that kept everyone feeling not to hot as long as the wind blew. As a matter of fact, several of the mini camper’s parents that were here this morning actually commented about how cool it was up here on top of the mountain. Later in the day, when the wind wasn’t blowing, it made it just right to hop in the pool or river to cool off.

We had to say goodbye today to all our mini campers, it was sad to see ‘em go and it just doesn’t seem the same around here without them making their way from class to class like a family of little ducks following each other and their counselor around! We know that had a great time and can’t wait to see ‘em next year.

After the big dance last night, all the campers were looking forward to little down time tonight and thats just what the Dr ordered! It was a perfect night to spread out on your blanket of sleeping bag with a fresh bag of popcorn and kick back and watch tonights feature. You can see for yourself in all the pics (ok, there wasn’t that many tonight, for some reason the campers didn’t want me taking pictures with a flash during the movie?? Guess I was the equilivant to that guy thats always in a theatre on his phone when your trying to watch movie??)

Tomorrow is a very special day here at camp. Yes, it’s sunday and thats pretty special already, but tomorrow we’ll get to all sleep in a little later in the morning (can you hear the campers cheering??…or it may have been me?) and when we do wake up and come to breakfast, we’ll be treated to all kinds of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, and all sorts of great food. Did I mention the kitchen ladies will have all sorts of home made doughnuts again for us when we walk in!! That will go perfect with my first of several cups of coffee in the morning. So…. what are y’all having for breakfast??

That big breakfast will come in handy tomorrow too as after breakfast, we’ll head to Sunday School and then our Sunday service church in the gym with our counselor choir. After church, we’ll head back to a huge Sunday lunch and then rest hour. (we gotta let the food digest!!)

After rest hour, we’ll all head to the gym and tennis courts area as we have the biggest root’nest - toot’nest carnival on the mountain. There will be all sorts of game set up in and around the gym including giant inflatable toys and water slides and what carnival wouldn’t be complete without a dunk tank for your campers favorite counselors and club leaders to sit in and take their chances on being dunked in the water! Did I mention the cotton candy and sno cones tat will be here too? I told ya it was a big event.

Now after everyone if finished with the carnival we’ll get all cleaned up and have our Sunday picnic on the grounds around camp as we get ready for even more action tomorrow (I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest??). Thats right, after diner we’ll have our camper favorite “Counselor Hunt” where all our counselors will put on their best camo and head to the woods to hide from all the campers that will be looking for ‘em. Now once your campers head out and find the counselors, they’ll bring ‘em back to the gym to see how many points each one is worth cause they’re all competing for club points. The club that has the most points will be the champion of the counselor hunt and earn some points towards the point cup awarded at the end of the session. I’ll let ya know how the hunt goes tomorrow night!

We’ll I’m about all finished telling ya everything thats happened up here, I would like to be the first to wish all the dads out there an early Happy Fathers Day!! I know your camps will be thinking about ya and if ya pay attention tomorrow, you may see a few with some signs for the pics wishing you the same!!

You guys have a good night and get some rest, I need to do the same so I’ll have my energy tomorrow to attack those doughnuts first thing in the morning!!

Happy Fathers Day and I’ll see ya tomorrow!!