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Happy fathers day to ya dads!! And a happy Sunday to all you moms and anyone else thats reading this too!! Its been a Sunday Funday up here on the mountain where we all got to sleep a little later this morning before we woke up to home made doughnuts, strawberries, eggs and more for breakfast this morning!! What a way to kick off the day and get going.

After breakfast, all the campers headed to Sunday school and then to our church service in the gym that was lead by one of our favorite former admin, Aja Grimes! Its always a treat to have Aja back with us and this morning she spoke to all the campers about how they can change and once they commit to God, there is a change and it shows in their lives every day. Then she lead a upbeat dance and had all the girls on their feet dancing and singing with her. It was a really nice Sunday morning message that all the campers enjoyed.

Once we got to the afternoon, it was time to get busy at our camp carnival where we had all sorts of inflatable toys and games, faceprinting, and even sno cones for everyone to enjoy. You can see from some off the pics, I think the blue snow cones must have been pretty good. At least our campers seemed to wear them well on their tongues! Some of the campers loved the “new games” like sack races, limbo, football toss, and several others. Who knew you could have so much fun with just some objects, creativity and no computer or internet? (I’ll let you guys be the ones to tell the little darlings that those games really aren’t “new”)

As if thats not enough action for one day, we cranked it up a notch tonight for our “Counselor hunt” where all the counselors dressed up in their best camo and hit the woods trying not to be found by the campers. Those campers turned over every rock and leaf looking for their counselors and they left no area un searched as they made their way across camp trying to find the counselors and bring them back for their club points. It was a valiant effort and they all did really well, but at the end of the night, the final results were…….. Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and Troopers 1st!!!! Way to go girls!

Tomorrow will be a busy day here at camp as we send some of our older campers on an out of camp trip as they head to Tennessee to challenge the white water of the Ocoee River. Pretty sure I won’t get to go on that trip (I never do…..) but we’ll try to have a camera/video with them so we can bring ya all the action form their adventure when they return.

Now if your camper isn’t one of the ones going on the rafting trip, don’t worry. The great news for them is there will be fewer campers here at camp so you know what that means??? Yep!! More time to spend on the ropes course, shooting archery, riding horses and everything else for all the campers back here in camp. Its a win-win for everyone. Even though we’ll have one camera on the trip, there still will be cameras all around camp shooting pics and bringin’ ya all the action from Skyline, so be sure to check back in throughout the day to keep up to date with the latest pics and news. Don’t forget, you can follow us on instagram and twitter to get little snippets throughout the day also.

So….everyone will be a little busy tomorrow with the rafting trip and increased time for each camper in classes, why not just go ahead and go big or go home? We might as well have our fastest and wildest game of the session tomorrow night and thats exactly what were gonna do! We’ll have Speed Challenge out on the field and this is where all the campers get in their clubs (completely decked out in their club colors) and compete in what I can only describe as a fast paced, fun filled fanatic foundation of relay races. The girls are put into 1 of 5 groups by age and then each age group will run only 1 race….but it will have 10 parts to it! As soon as they finish the first relay, then some or all of the group will have to immediately start the next relay and this goes on until all 10 relays are finished. Once a group of campers is finished, we’ll start the next group on their 10 races. And we’ll do that 5 times!! Now these aren’t your ordinary relay races by any means. Each relay will be anything from bringing the whole group out and wrapping them in toilet paper till the roll runs out, covering 2 campers with shaving cream, wet sponge over their head and then under the next person’s legs relay, and of course, my personal favorite is when they have to run out and reach into a picture of shaving cream and find a marble relay and more!! Theres really no good way to describe all the relays (and I’m pretty sure I did a “no good” job of trying just then) but the pictures will help explain and then you’ll see what all the buzz is about. If you’re still a little confused, just have your camper explain it to you when she gets home and she can set it up for you to play at home!! (come on… You and your daughter will LOVE it if you play this at home with her!!)

Well, with all the action thats happenin’ tomorrow, I better get my rest so I can keep up with all the campers throughout the day and then into the speed challenge. You guys at home are gonna be busy just trying to keep up with all the pics and video yourself so be sure to get some rest during the day so you can see all the fun tomorrow night.

I’m headin’ off to bed and you guys do the same, were 1 week in and 1 still to go and you’re starting to look a little tired, get some sleep and take care of yourself, we’ll handle all the fun up here!!

See ya tomorrow!