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Welcome back parents!! And a happy Monday to ya!! As you can probably imagine, its been busy day up here on the mountain. It started off as a really good morning and then Mother Nature decided to cool us down a bit with some easy showers right before lunch. Not to worry though, they didn’t stay long and the rest of the day was a sunny and warm as you could hope for. As a matter of fact, the rain this morning may helped it stay about perfect up here the rest of the day. The campers were climbing all over the Tower of Power and swinging through the air on the ropes course and in the circus. I did happen to catch some of the campers making archery art where they place balloons filled with paint on a poster board and then shoot arrows at the balloons and when they pop, they explode the paint al over the poster board. It looked pretty cool, if your into the abstract kinda stuff.

Like I said before, all the campers have been extremely busy from the ones in arts and crafts and pottery to the campers that are practicing their lines for the matinee at the end of the session. We even have a class (set design) where they are making all the backdrops for the play! Just look through all the pics and see for yourself at all the work thats going on up here this session. Of course the ladies in cooking class are always busy working on their recipes and preparing something each period. I think I may need to stop in there at the end of each period and get a taste of what they’re making!

The ladies that went on the Ocoee whitewater rafting trip al have returned and those pics are up. If you want to see some excited faces (ok, some of them may look “scared”) be sure to check out all the pics from the trip and you can see the girls make their way though the rapids.

As if today wasn’t busy enough, tonight we had our speed challenge where each of the clubs met on the sports field, all decked out in their club colors and competed in some of the craziest relays you’ve never heard of. They were passing sponges over their head and under the legs, passing the whole club through hula hoops, doing a little camper surfin’, and even learning the fine lost art of toilet papering! Of course they were toilet papering their own club as the had to wrap every member of ghee club in the toilet paper till it ran off the roll. One of the funnier relays was the “move the oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands” relay (that maybe a record for longest title of a race!) Be sure to check out tonights video and you’ll want to share it with all your friends once you see the campers giving it their all in these races. (especially the shot of the camper rolling up the crept paper with her arms! If you don’t laugh out loud at that shot, then you need to get your funny bone checked cause she’s giving everything she has to win her race!

The best line of he night was right at the end of the competition and they announced the winner (yea, yea…..I’ll get to that in just a bit. Hang on to your horses). All the campers were cheering and yelling and as soon as they stopped, you could hear some little camper say out loud, “can I please go to sleep now?” (no truer words have ever been spoken if ya ask me!!) I told you the girls have been busy!! I’m pretty sure by now, she (and almost everyone else) is fast asleep and getting some well deserved ZZZZZ’s trying to recharge their batteries for tomorrow and the rest of the session. Sounds like a pretty good idea right now doesn’t it?

The campers will get their wish for tomorrow as we slow it down just a little bit and have everyone in the gym tomorrow night for “Skyline Sing”. Its a version of step sing where each cabin will get on stage and perform in front of all the other campers their best dance and choreographed dance to a mash up of music set to different themes. I’m really wondering when they all had time and energy to practice this stuff? I know I’ve seen and hear the counselors working with the girls for tomorrow nights performance so its bound to be good and we’ll be right there down front getting you all the action.

Well folks, Im starting to see some wisdom in my new found hero (who ever she was?) and her immortal words of wisdom “can I please go to sleep now?” I think I’ll follow her advice and head off to try and catch some shut eye myself. Like I said, were just over 1 week into it and still have the rest of this week to go. You guys at home have been doing great keeping up with all the news and watching the videos. Trust me, you’ll want to see and share the one tonight, you can see all the energy they put into their activities.

You guys have a good night, I’m about to shut ‘er down and head off to bed myself. Don’t stay up too late checking pics and videos.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, the Troopers found the Golden Horseshoe to claim some mega points towards the point cup and the results of Speed Challenge was…… Troopers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Rock ’N Rangers 1st!!! Way to go girls!!!


go on, go to bed….. just click the little “x’ at the top of the page and turn off the computer. don’t make me tell ya again, it’s late….. :-)