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Happy 4th of July to ya parents and happy Birthday to America!!! What a great day to celebrate our country and we did it up right here at camp. It all started with our horse staff riding through camp waking our campers up to the yelling of “the British are coming!!” that got everyone up and in the mood for breakfast (you can’t fight the British on an empty stomach, every knows that) and then it was to our own flag raising where everyone learned about the history of our flag as well as what the 13 folds mean when our flag is folded. It was a nice, quiet way to start the day paying our respects to our country and those that have served in the past and still serve today to protect it and help defend the freedoms we have. Thank you to those veterans out there both here and out of country.

After breakfast everyone went back and started getting ready for our parade and all the girls carrying the cabin signs and club leaders did a great job representing their groups and throwing candy to all the campers on the side of the street. Even our horseback staff was involved again and hopped right up to the front to proudly cary our colors as the leaders of the parade.

It wasn’t long till it was lunch time and then after a much appreciated rest hour, everyone headed over to the pool for our club swim meet. It was the first time in several years we’ve had the swim meet and the first time in our “new” pool. I can tell ya without any worries, everyone loved having swim meet again and especially in the big pool. Those girls were cheering and yelling the whole time through as their club mates raced through a series of different relays in the water. Some of the relays were swim with the pool animals, swim with a large sponge tied to your back and then squeeze as mush water in a pitcher before the next person goes. Of course the object of that relay was to be the club with the most water in your pitcher. Other relays were traditional different stroke swims and folks, we have a couple campers that could give ’ol Michael Phelps a run for his money! Those girls looked like a bunch of dolphins out there they were down and back so quick! After all the races were finished and we concluded the mandatory Cannon Ball contest, everyone finished their flavor ice popsicles and we announced the winners……y’all ready for this??…….. congrats to the Mounties for claiming swim meet champions for 2017!!

On a side note today, amongst all the action, would you believe some of those girls actually found time to look for the golden horseshoe thats hidden in camp? (If I had any free time I wouldn’t have found anything other than a nice quiet spot to catch up on sleep!!) But those campers have that extra energy I’ve been talking about and all of a sudden…………the Rangers found the Horseshoe and earn some mega points towards the point cup for their efforts! Way to go girls, that ‘a way to work hard and be rewarded for your efforts!!

Now as if that ain’t enough action for one day, we still had our wild games of speed challenge tonight. All the campers dressed up in their club colors (and some of ‘em went “all in!” on getting into their club colors and spirit). Be sure to check out the pics and see what I mean. As they were all colored up in their reds, greens and blues they ran a series of crazy races that involved shaving cream, toilet paper, ice, marbles, hula hoops and all sorts of other things. I’m not sure how they did it, but they managed to keep up the yelling and cheering all night long as they cheered for their fellow campers in each and every race. At the end of the night though, it was the Rangers again claiming the top spot as the club to beat when it comes to Speed challenge. Another congrats to ya girls!! It was a close race all the way through though as all our campers did a great job of competing and never quitting in every race they ran!

Now I know what your thinking, “wow, thats a full day” well…. me too. But we ain’t done yet. After speed challenge, everyone went to campfire and then back out to the field where we had the biggest firework show on the mountain for all the girls and you could hear the “oooohhhh’s” and “aaahhhhhhh’s” all the way across the field as they watched every firework explode in the air.

Theres no doubt everyone is asleep in their bed and probably dreaming about all the red white and blue activities they had today. They better sleep well, ‘cause tomorrow will be the last day of classes as everyone will be getting in their last runs on the zip line, horseback, circus, conoeing and all the other activities. We’ll be there again to catch all the last action and bring it to ya. We may even have something special for all the age out girls in the ropes class and if we’re able to do it, we’ll get some pics and be sure to show ya tomorrow. It will be something you’ve never seen so be sure to check back tomorrow.

Wow!! Its been a long and busy day up here, I’m sure you guys at home have been busy too celebrating America however you chose to in your hometown. Thanks for checking in on your campers and keeping up with all the action here on the mountain. We hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July and God bless America!

we’ll see ya tomorrow,