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Whew!!! A late night hello to ya parents!! For those of y’all staying up to read the blog as soon as it comes out, you’re gonna be burnin’ the late night oil for this one! Sorry about being late but It took me little longer than usual to finish the video tonight ‘cause there was just so much good footage, I hated to cut anyone out and that took most the evening to get to all squared away. I’m pretty sure you guys playing along at home don’t mind having extra footage of your campers having fun here at Skyline though, at least I hope not. Anyway, its almost midnight in the East and I’m just sitting down to get started on the news. By now, all your campers are fast asleep after the busy day we’ve had up here. I was able to make my way around camp today and was blown away by how well all the campers have adjusted and how quickly they’re taking off in their activities. Some of the ladies in archery are already knockin’ the I’s out of the bullseye’s on the target (no doubt they took archery last year here at camp!!) and when you look at tonights video you’ll be surprised at how high the circus class is swinging and throwing their tricks. I didn’t make it to any of the cooking classes today, but you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll find my way there soon!

All the campers finished their swimming test today so that means tomorrow its straight to the blob, waterslide and giant lilly pad. I’m pretty sure if its another sunny, warm day, I’l find my way down there with the camera at some point to jump in and cool off,……. um…. I mean, to get you guys at home some good water pictures!!

Some of the campers in pottery are already working on their projects and it won’t anytime at all before they have them in the kiln and glazed. We’ll try to be there when they get them finished. Mountain biking was rolling through camp today letting all the campers get used to their bikes and changing gears, riding over bumps and how to ride as a pack. They’ll be out on the road and trails in now time.

Like I said earlier, its been a busy 2 days up here and when you see all the energy those girls were spending in Sock Wars (more on that in just a minute), plus all the energy from their first day of activities, you wonder how in the world will they ever get up tomorrow and be ready to go again? But trust me, They’ll dream about drinking Red Bull or something like that and wake up and be hittin’ on all cylinders again for another full day.

Tonight we had our wild and fast paced game of Sock Wars - Episode III………(3rd session…get it?….hey by this time of the day, THATS funny!! I don’t care who ya are). This is where we split the camp by clubs and each club hides their captain and flag and is armed with stuffed socks. When we ring the bell, all the campers head out, dressed and painted up in their club colors, to find the other clubs flag and captain. But WATCH OUT!!!!! if your hit by a stuffed sock thats thrown by a camper in another club, you have to report to the scorers table before you can get back in the game. and folks….let me tell ya something about your campers and the arms they have! Some of those girls were throwin’ some heat when they launched those socks! Check out the video and you can spot some of the little missile launchers in action as they were knocking ‘em down left and right! It was a blast to watch. Of course not everyone had the control I would have like for tonight, that was painfully evident when I did a video shot from in front of an advancing line of campers, its almost as if some of ‘em were actually aiming at the cameraman instead of the other clubs……..hey!!!……. wait a minute… don’t think their aim was actually good was it???? I guess we’ll never know ……..(I’m pretty sure I already know….)

Tomorrow night we’ll slow things down a bit (thank goodness) as we have our Skyline Talent show and have all our performing campers up on the stage in front of everyone strutting their stuff. We’ll be right down front to catch all the action for ya so don’t miss out!!

We’ll like I said at the beginning, its a late night and I’m having to use toothpicks to help keep my eyelids open and I’m no doctor, but I am pretty sure that ain’t a good thing. You guys have a good night (whats left of it) and I’m gonna head off to bed. We still have 2 weeks to go so be sure to pace yourself, we’ll be here every day for ya to check in on pics and news and we’ll be sure to leave the light on for ya!!

Have a good one, we’ll see ya tomorrow night!