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A happy and wide eyed Tuesday to ya parents!! We’ve had another great day up here on the mountain as the sun was out all day and that was just perfect to get busy in all the activities. I was fortunate enough to be able to get around to a lot of classes today and watch your campers have fun and push themselves to try new things all day long. One thing that stood out was the ladies in archery class. Robin Hood ain’t got nothing on these ladies, there were more bulls eyes there than in a cattle stockade. In fact, they were so good, I felt completely confident placing my camera on top of one of the targets while they shot at it, be sure to look through tonights video and see if you can find the “shot” (no pun intended).

Later in the day it was great to spend a little time down at the river and watch everyone have fun cooling off. You can tell by the smiles on their faces the ladies on the waterslide were having a good time and the campers in canoeing took me up on my challenge to see what the back of a waterfall looks like when they made their way to the dam to play behind the wall of water. Of Course, you can’t go play in the river without playing on the blob and you should have seen all the campers taking turns blobbing and getting blobbed. We got some real great shots of both parts and even had a few do some “selfies” as they went flying through the air. Sometimes they even were able to hang on the the camera s they went flying. Be sure to check it out and see all the crazy ways the campers got in the water today!

After 2 full days of activities and our busy “Sock Wars” last night, everyone was really looking forward to having a slower paced night and getting to take it easy in the gym to watch our own Skyline Talent show! And what a show it was! Folks, we had all kinds of talent up on that stage and mean all kinds!! There was singing, piano playing, ukulele playing, gymnastics, a harry potter themed painting that had a really cool ending and even someone playing the piano with their toes (ya know I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!!) All the campers that performed did a great job and you could hear all the cheers they were getting after each act, all over camp. Not only did we have a record number of acts, we had a record number of GREAT acts that entertained all the other campers all through the night. When it was all said and done our judges were able to pick out some winners and here they are: Groups 1,2,3,4:

3rd place- Piper Marr

2nd place- Lilly Peeples

1st place- Lilly Kate Sobera

Groups 5&6:

3rd place- Sarah Catherine Cook and Lydia Johnson (tie)

2nd place- Hayden and Hannah Wise

1st place- OJ Kelly

Overall winners:

Groups 1-4: Laurie Shiver

Groups 5&6: Caroline Bates

Congrats to all our winners and participants, they all did a great job and it took lots of courage to get up in front of everyone else and perform like they did. I know I sure couldn’t have don’e that!!

Tomorrow will be a full day of classes again and by now all the little darlings have gotten their schedule down pat and should be bopping from activity to activity without any delay. We’l see what Mother nature has in store for us throughout the day, but don’t worry, if she decides to cool us down with a little rain, we won’t let that stop us from having fun whether were in out activities or our rainy day locations, when it comes to having fun, were “all in!!” no matter where it is.

Now tomorrow night will be an interesting night here on the mountain as we play the camper favorite, “Get Skyline Back”. This is where our counselors will dress up as Camp Laney boy counselors and come into the dining hall at the end of dinner and take the club leaders and flags hostage and hide them out in camp. Now don’t worry folks, you know your campers just wont stand for anything like that and they’ll be heading right out after ‘em to rescue their leaders and flags. All they have to do is figure out the clue that tells them where their leader is being held and then go there and get 4campers around the legs of the counselors that are holding them and do it all without being hit by one of he stuffed socks the counselors have to defend themselves. If a camper is hit with a sock, she has to report to the scorers table and then she’s back in the game and back on task of rescuing their leaders and flags. The club that gets their leaders and flags and haas the fewest number of camper hit by a sock will win some big points for their club towards the point cup thats warded at the end of the session.

Whew!!!!…… I’m tired and even more confused about the activity now that I tried to describe it to ya. If you are too, just wait till you see the pictures and videos tomorrow and then you’ll be really confused but at least you’ll see why there’s pictures of campers diving around dodging socks and focused on completing their rescue mission. I’ll be back tomorrow to let ya know how the results go and give ya some of the details.

Well, its not quite as late as it has been so I think I’m gonna make my way back across camp and try to find my bed and get some shut eye. With this being our “Christmas in July” session, its a really cool thing to walk across camp and see all the cabins that have their Christmas lights, or their doors decorated and “Merry Christmas signs from all the windows. It really is great to have everyone have that “Christmas Spirit” 2 times a year instead of only in December. You should try that at home, I’m sure your neighbors wouldn’t mind….. who knows, you may start a trend that takes off and you too can celebrate Christmas twice a year!!

You folks have a great night, I’m about to shut ‘er down for the evening. Don’t stay up too late looking at pics, we still have a long way to go!!

See ya tomorrow,