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Good evening parents and how ya doin’ today? Its been a warm day up here on the mountain but not as hot as everyone down in the flatlands. We had a summer shower come through this afternoon but you know our campers, they just kept on staying on course with their activities and didn’t let the rain bother ‘em one little bit. Of course about 10 minutes later when the rain stopped and the sun was still out and shinning, it felt like you could swim from one place to another the humidity was so high. Thank goodness theres plenty of water coolers and fountains all around camp for everyone to keep the hydration up and keep going all day long. The campers were taking full advantage of the water every chance they could.

We got to see some of our campers in our equestrian program show us their skills today at jumping (actuallly the horse was the one doing the jumping, you know what I mean). You can see in the pics the campers are all concentrating and keeping the horses right on track and they looked great while they were doing it.

The riverfront was a popular place today as everyone was sliding, blobing, and splashing around staying cool. I didn’t get a chance to join ‘em but trust me, a few more days like today and I think I’ll spend several periods down at the waterfront with the campers!

Now tonight our activity was “Mission Impossible” where the campers work in their cabin groups to make their way across camp without being seen by any bounty hunters (Counselors) and they try to go from one location to another to complete task and get clues to their next location. If one of those bounty hunter sees them they all have to “hunker down” (there ya go UGA fans…..I finally used that phrase) and pretend to be a rock while the bounty hunters inspect what they thought might be something moving. If they see them move (or “persuade” them to move), the camper has to go to jail and then the group has to make a trip to jail to help break ‘em out so they can continue on with them or another group to the next location for their task. Now these task aren’t just your ordinary task, they’re some special task like exchanging a cotton ball from your nose to another campers nose and the cotton ball is held on your your nose by vasoline. Or moving a fruit loop form camper to camper only using a tooth pick and no hands, of course what kind of task can you have if you don’t include the pass the apple from camper to camper using only your chin? all sorts of wild and crazy challenges that the camps loved. be sure to check out the pics and video so you can see these and more.

Now tomorrow (Friday) is a special day, not only because Krispy kreme is offering a dozen doughnuts for 80 cents (that part is true… go get ya some) but even more important is the fact that the boys from Camp Laney will be coming over to dance with your camp under the stars pout on the tennis courts. I know all the campers are excited about the dance and we’ll be there right in the middle of it getting you all the pics of everyone and their moves.

Well folks, its already late so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up and let you guys get back to searching the pics for your campers (or their ears, elbows, shoes, and any other part you can use to identify your camper with). You guys have a great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow after the big dance!!