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A sleepy hello to ya parents…. I just don’t know how your campers do it. I’ve tried staying with them all day, doing what they do, eating what they eat and yet, I still don’t have the energy they have. I just don’t get it?? Some people have suggested that it might have something to do with age, but that can’t be right, I got a lot more experience in the “age” department than the campers and I’m still more tired than they are??? Oh well, I’ll just keep trying and see find out how to get their energy.

With all that energy, your campers have they’ve been running full speed in their activities and into the night time programs. Even tonight when we they found out they were getting to watch “The Lion King” they cheered and collard and for those of y’all that took the over in last nights bet, you would have won. They loved watching that movie so much that pretty much everyone of ‘em stayed awake through the whole thing. Same with the directors too, Even all of us that were in there made it through the final scenes. One really cool moment that happened on cue with out any practice was at the very beginning of the movie when the scene of Mufassa holding up his son, Simba, every camper in the gym that happened to bring a stuffed animal with them to the movie, held it up high in the air. I was able to catch a quick pic of some of the campers doing that before the scene ended. I think one reason they all enjoyed the movie so much was the fact that our Drama and Matinee class is doing that same play on the last day of camp. Now I’m not exactly sure how many of our campers have signed up for that class, but the way they all cheered when they saw the title, I’d say theres gonna be a good number of campers in the play. We’ll be sure to get you some good pics of their performance. I’d bet its gonna be as good or netter than the movie!

As the campers went from class to class today Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a cloudy morning that kept the temps down. It stayed that way (although the humidity is really starting to rise, and thats a good thing……If you like sweat and your shirt stuck to you by 9;30 in the morning!) Late this afternoon we did get a good shower that sent everyone to their rainy day locations for about half a period but the good thing was it brought the temps down to a nice cool level for tonights movie. It made sitting/laying in the gym on your blanket of sleeping bag feel just right. Theres no doubt that by this time all the campers are fast asleep in their bunks now still enjoying the cooler temps and slight breeze we have yup here tonight. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate for our church service and activities we have planned.

Speakin’ of tomorrow’s activities, first and foremost, after the busy week we’ve all had up here, we gonna let everyone sleep in a little later and then treat them to some homemade doughnuts and fresh fruit along with eggs and bacon and everything else that goes with it. Its basically like eating a breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, but on steroids! Yea…its that good!! After breakfast, we’ll have Sunday School and then church in the gym. After lunch, its off to rest hour (man, I really wish that word “hour” was plural, know what I mean??) and then out to one of the biggest carnivals on the mountain complete with inflatable toys and slides and all sorts of games in the gym like face painting, giant Jinga, football toss, bag races, and of course karaoke. We’ll have plenty of shots form the carnival so you can see all the fun your camper is having.

Tomorrow night we’ll have the camper favorite, “Counselor Hunt” This is where our counselors will dress up in their best camo and head out in camp to hide and see if you campers can find them. Once a camper finds a counselor, they get to take ‘em back to the gym and see how many points their worth for their club. The Club that finds the most counselors will win points towards the point cup thats awarded at the end of the session. So far, I have an undefeated record of not being found for almost 20 years, but that may have something to do with the fact that campers aren’t allowed to look in our house on the couch where I’m usually sleeping during that activity!! I know I can trust you guys not to spill the beans on my secret hiding spot in any emails you might send tomorrow morning!! Right guys?? We’ll its been a long day (I still don’t knowhow those campers have all that energy) but I think I m gonna call it a night and head off to bed myself. You guys have a great night and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow right after I wake up from my nap on the couch!!

Have a good one!!