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Happy Sunday to ya parents!! Sorry for being a little last tonight theres just so much going on up on the mountain, it took me a little while to get back in the office. Anyway, here I am, there you are so lets get started with some camp news from today so you guys can get all caught up!!

Everyone enjoyed getting a little extra sleep today before we woke up to those delicious home made doughnuts! Thats one heck of a way to start off your day, trust me. After breakfast, it was time for Sunday School and then church in the gym. Today we were honored to have one of our former counselors who dances professionally now with a company out of Houston Texas come and not only speak to our campers but she also danced for them and I gotta tell ya, she had everyone mesmerized by how graceful and well she performed. She spoke of giving back and using the talents God gave everyone to being able to tell people about Jesus. Not just verbally, but it whatever way god had gifted you with your own special talent. Her dance showed just how talented she was and our campers got to see how she can tell people about God without saying one word.

After church and then lunch, it was off to rest hour (personally, I think “rest hour” is just a myth like bigfoot, I know heard people talk about it, but I’ve never actually seen a rest hour in person!!). After rest hour it was time for our big carnival where we had all sorts of games, faceprinting, football toss, sno-cones, giant water slides and even a big dunk tank so all our campers could take turns trying to dunk the older campers and staff that got in it. I gotta tell ya, some of our younger campers have some pretty good arms, ‘cause I saw quite a few of ’em hit the target and drop them right in the water.

Mother Nature did bring us a little rain, but it was right at dinner, so everyone was already in the dining hall and by the time dinner was finished… was the rain and it was right outside and ready for Counselor Hunt for tonights night time activity. Now those counselors did a real good job of gettin’ all camo’d up, but your campers did an even better job of turning over every rock and checking behind every leaf as they found those counselors and brought ‘em into the gym one by one. By the end of the night, I’m happy to report the winning club was…………..(you hear that little drum roll in your head??)….the Rangers!!! Way to go girls, good job tonight.

By now everyone is in bed and getting ready for a big day tomorrow. We’ll send some of our older campers on an out of camp trip as they head out to battle the white water of the Ocoee River. We’ll send a camera up there with them so they’ll have some pics when they get back we can share with ya.

The rest of the campers will be back in the full swing of their activities and with several campers on the trip, that means more times down the zip line, on the circus, or getting to shoot archery for the ret of us here at camp. Its the best of both worlds!!

Tomorrow night we’ll have a wild, wacky, wet game of sponge battle. This is where the girls will get into their bathing suits and head over to the sports field and well play the craziest game you’ve ever seen. Everyone will have wet sponges or water balloons (we’ll have hundreds of those ready) and the object is to get the other clubs pitcher filled with water without being hit by a wet sponge or water balloon thrown by someone in another club. If you get hit, you have to run to the middle of the field and take a run down the giant slip and slide. Basically, its a free for all with water balloons and sponges being thrown at everyone with a giant slip and slide in the middle. If you’re confused now, just wait till you se the pics and video, then you’ll really be confused!!

Well, I’m gonna head off and get to work on some other stuff before my night is finished, you guys at home are half way and doing a great job of keeping up with all your campers. Don’t stay up too late looking at all the pics, like I said were only half way, you guys still have another week to go and I don’t want ya gettin’ burned out before we get to the end of this next week!!

Well, y’all have a great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow, a little earlier I promise!!

Get some rest, eventually I’m going to…………..