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What a beautiful day it has been up on lookout mountain! Let me introduce myself…I am Frances Lindsey, Camp Mom. I have the best job here at camp by getting to love on all your children. Tonight I will take you on a day at camp through a “mom’s eye”.

Each day we start off camp by gathering together at Morning Watch to sing songs and learn the theme of the day. As you all know the overall theme of the summer is IGNITE. Every day a smaller theme is introduced to help the girls grow in their faith and how this can work in their everyday life. Today is “purify”. The basic theme is how God works through us and in our heart to refine us; to let us show his love through ourselves and to others. You will be amazed at how much your child will learn and I encourage you to ask your daughter’s about this when they get home or even in a letter.

Morning Watch is followed by the traditional Flag Raising and then off to breakfast of eggs, bacon, oatmeal and grapes. Delicious! (I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have 3 meals a day served to you and you didn’t have to plan the meal, cook the meal or clean up after the meal!) Your children are well fed and ready to clean their cabin. It’s amazing to see them learn to make their bed, sweep, take out the trash and more. And they like doing it!

Shortly after cabin cleanup the girls head to their club meetings, learn more songs and bond together with all ages. It’s really neat to see the older campers braiding the younger girl’s hair or leading the group in cheers. This is also a time to hunt for the Horseshoe that has been hidden or help clean up around camp.

First class begins at 9 and they are off for a day full of activities Today started off a little warmer than usual and most of us were thankful for a sleeveless shirt very quickly. I had a chance to spend some time in Horseback, Circus, Cheerleading, Bible Study, and Riflery. We had a little rain and thunder so rest hour was extended for some cabin fun but it wasn’t long before afternoon activities began. What I witnessed throughout the day that meant the most to me as a mom was the encouragement your children give to each other. It’s really cool to see one girl telling her friend “you can do it” as she does the Superman or Wonder woman trick at Circus. Or when one girls shoots a little off target and a friend tells her “you’ll get it next time” with a smile and a hug. I really do see this all day long especially when I hear “Watch me Mrs. Frances!”…love it!!

Tonight’s activity is Movie Night and I’m actually writing this letter as I get to watch Moana with 275 of my closest little friends. If you could hear them sing along in there very best “Moana voice” you would really get chills and smile. Nothing better than eating popcorn in your PJ’s while laughing, gasping and cheering together. Yes I know some of you want my job!

Also today 50 campers and 10 counselors went on the Ocoee Trip and had a blast racing down the river white water rafting. I can confidently say they are all back safely with stories to tell about their adventure. Those are the girls who occasionally fall asleep in their sleeping bag before the movie is over. It’s a sight to see…check out the photos.

We ended our day with camp fire and again with our theme “purify”. All the girls are getting sleepy and it’s a nice way to complete our day with Taps and then off to bed. I’m sure all the cabins will be quiet tonight as they dream about the blog they had the courage to bounce on and off of or the horse they trotted on for the first time. I hope your day has been as fun as mine and your steps as many (16,539) but I seriously doubt it!


Frances Lindsey

Camp Mom