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Helloooo parents and welcome to opening day of 3rd session!! You guys were on the ball this morning by the looks of the line that had formed when I got to the office but everyone played well in the sandbox together and it didn’t take long at all to get everyone through and settled in their cabin. From the looks of the coolers and basket once everyone had finished, the sausage biscuits and coffee or OJ were a hit too!! We hope you enjoyed those while you were checking in.

Once everyone got in their cabins all the campers played some “get to know ya” games so they could learn all their new cabin mates names and a little bit about each other. This was good ‘cause it made the leaving a lot easier, not for the campers, they were all having fun, it was really for the parents that just didn’t want to head out! (and some of y’all took a little longer than others!!!)

After everyone got settled in, all the campers went on a quick camp tour (we don’t want the little darlings getting lost while they’re here) and signed up for their activities for the next 2 weeks. You guys will be getting a post card in the mail pretty soon with that list as well as what club your camper is in. Heres a short cut to finding out some of that info, in the cabin pics, if you see your camper wearing a shirt with red on it, she’s a Mountie, if it has green, she’s a Trooper, and of course, if it has blue, then she’s a Ranger. Now folks, they is some important information to learn and keep hold of. These girls take their clubs pretty darn seriously and if you do something silly like call them by the wrong club name, well…I’m not saying they’ll be angry, but small family feuds have started over less I can tell ya! So be sure to keep track of which club your camper is in and help keep peace in the family when your camper gets home. Like I said you’ll be getting a post card soon with their schedule on it, but don’t run out and wait by the mailbox for it. This here is Mentone and I’m not saying the mailman is slow, but he takes an hour and a half to watch the TV show “60 Minutes” so what does that tell ya about him?? It will get there one day, maybe soon….maybe not.

This afternoon we took care of all our club and cabin pics so everyone should be able to see their camper in those pics to start the session off right. After that we picked our “Skyline sisters” where each older camper pics a shoe out of a bag and then has to find out which younger camper is the owner of that shoe, this is their Skyline sister. Its kind of a “big sis-little sis thing”. This way everyone has another camper they get to learn a little bit about and someone else they already know at camp.

After dinner we had our “Cabin fun night” where each cabin gets to choose what activity they want to do together so they can spend little more time with all their new cabin mates. We had everything from Dance night, volleyball, Spa and make overs, shaving cream wars, tie-dying T shirts, shaving cream twister. Of course the ladies of Riverside had a dress up as an older person retirement party complete with bingo and cookies. I didn’t get to head over there but the pictures Isabel took looked like they had retirement all planned out and it was FUN!!

After everything was finished all the campers came together for an “all camp” campfire on the main side of the river where our camp Chaplain Sarah-Kate, delivered the nightly devotion about our summer theme of “Ignite” and what it means. She used a story about when we took her caving one day and in the cave it was so dark, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face but when just one person lit their headlamp, there was enough light for everyone to see much more then they thought they would. She told all the campers this is what they will be able to do during the next 2 weeks without even knowing it and showing the light of God through their actions and you never know who or how many other people it may light up and help shine the way for. Just like the headlamp in the cave, our actions will help light the way for others to see.

We’ll folks, its been a long day with check in, getting classes done, pictures, eating, playing games and more (not to mention driving back for all you guys playing along at home!!) I’m sure you guys are tired (or maybe its just me?) and we have along way to go so be sure to pace yourself when your going through these pics and videos with a fine toothed comb trying to see your campers elbow, shoe, back of their head and any other body part you an use to identify your camper with. (you laugh, but wait till you find yourself doing exactly that……there are some of y’all out there!! trust me!!).

By now, all the campers are fast asleep in their beds dreaming about tomorrows first full day of activities and all the fun and excitement they’re gonna have. (that sounds like a REALLY good idea right now!) I’m gonna head on off to bed and get some shut eye to I can try to keep up with all your campers tomorrow and the next two weeks (wish me luck!!) you guys have a great night and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow night!!