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Hello parents and a happy Sunday to ya!!! First before I get started, I’d like to thank my friends that took over the blog for me this weekend. Francis always give a great different perspective from a moms point of view and hats off to Braxton for facing his nerves and writing his first blog. I guess I was a little like you guys, looking forward to seeing what they had to say about how their day at camp went. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a different take on the blog.

For better or worse, I’m back at it tonight so hang on parents… we go!!!!!

I, um…… I mean “All the campers” really enjoyed getting to sleep a little later today and since it was Sunday you know we all went to enjoy breakfast of homemade doughnuts and fresh fruit. Of course we also had eggs, bacon, (everything s better with bacon!!) and all the other fixin’s that our wonderful kitchen staff prepared for us this morning. That was one heck of a way to start the last week of camp.

After breakfast it was off to clean up the cabins and then to Sunday school. We had a real treat for us today at church as we had a music group form Chattanooga perform for all the girls in church. We were treated to the great songs of Drake Ford music and the girls loved it! They sang and got the girls to join in and received several standing O’s at the end of their performance. If you (or your camper) wants to hear more of their music you can follow them @drakeford_music and hear more from this super group of talented Christian singers!

After lunch it was time for rest hour (this time of year, it NEVER seems like an hour…..more like “rest 6 minutes”). Anyway, with the much cooler temps we had today (it was in low 60’s this morning) and the cool breeze that was blowing throughout the whole day, it was about as perfect as you could imagine to lay down and catch a little cool shut eye! As soon as rest hour was finished everyone all the campers headed to the biggest carnival on the mountain complete with giant inflatable slides, sno-cones, face painting, carnival games and even a dunk tank for the club leaders to take turns in. Everyone had a blast taking their turns at the slides and trying to dunk their club leaders. Not to mention there were quite a few blue or green lips and tongues running around so it made it easy to tell who had already been to the sno-cone trailer!

After our picnic on the grounds, it was time for counselor hunt where all the counselors put on their best camo and try to evade all the campers that have paired up with their flashlights looking around every tree and bush trying to find the counselors. Of course when they do find a counselor, they get to take ’em back to the gym and find out how may points they’re worth for their club. The club that finds the most counselors will win the competition and earn some points for their club towards the point cup thats awarded at the end of the session. I’m happy to report that if your camper likes to wear green and is a “Trooper”…….they won!!! Congrats girls and way to go!!

By now all the girls are fast asleep (lucky girls!!) and wrapped up in their blankets (yea, its still cool up here tonight…..feels just right!!!) and dreaming about the big day tomorrow.

We’ll be sending some of our older girls on an out of camp trip tomorrow as they head out to challenge the white water rapids of the Ocoee River up in Tennessee. We’ll have picture of their trip for ya when they get back and we’ll post them as soon as we can.

Now for the campers that are here at camp, that means fewer campers in each of their classes…… so that means they’ll get more rides on the zip line, circus, blob and in every other class too!Its the best of a win-win situation you could ask for!! We’ll be out in camp shooting all the campers (you know….with a camera of course…….campers aren’t even in season now anyway) and posting those pics for you so we can disrupt your day with more time on the computer! (yes, you know were probably talking to you….)

I gotta tell ya about a conversation I got to enjoy tonight with one of our campers during counselor hunt. A camper, we’l just call her “Alana” stopped me and was talking and then informed me she had read EVERY blog I’ve written so far before camp and looked at EVERY picture and video until she got to camp. As a matter of fact, she said she was reading from France and actually started counting down the days to camp from 107 days out!!!! Talk about setting a goal and sticking to it!! That was impressive and I have no doubt, this young lady will be very successful in whatever she wants to do if she keep sticking to her discipline and achieving goals like that. She also told me to tell her mom she was having a blast and wasn’t missing them but I said I didn’t think I would do that!

We’ll I gotta go get ready for tomorrow nights activity called “Speed Challenge”. Its a series of wild and wacky relay races that are all run back to back to back by different age groups. When its all said and done, we will have run about 60 races to determine which club is the overall winner! Its a crazy time and you don’t want to miss any of the pics or video so be sure to check back in tomorrow!!

We’ll see you guys tomorrow and be sure to get some rest, were on the downside and you gotta finish strong, your camper sure are!!

have a good one, ‘cause like a slow kid in dodgeball……………. I’m outta here!!

Sleep tight!