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Helloooo and welcome to tonights newsletter folks!! Its been another great day up on the mountain, although it was a little warmer today, it didn’t seem to slow down any of the campers in their activities. I saw quite a few of them playing on the giant Lily Pad in the river and having a kind of “king of the mat” contest. The best part was when one person would start running one direction, the mat would shift the other direction and bring down everyone that had managed to stand up. Guess they’ll learn Newtons law of action-reaction a little later in school…

Tonight was a really special night as it all started at dinner where the dining hall was decked out in balloons and mini “Oscar’s” (you know, the golden awards they get on TV). Everyone came to eat dressed in their costumes (no wonder those trunks were so heavy on opening day!!) and then as they entered the gym on a red carpet, they were interviewed about who they were, what they were wearing and all those other questions that famous people seem to really enjoy. Needless to say, our camper did enjoy it and they stepped right up to the mic and answered everyone of them before they posed for their VMA picture. They all enjoyed watching their and other cabins videos for the first time. AFter each award was announced and the winning video shown on the big screen, each cabin got to come up front on the stage and get their picture with their Oscar. Of course we had some heavy star presentations from people such as the cast of Beauty and the Beast, the Blob, Ninja Turtles and more. It was a really fun night that everyone enjoyed and the extra bonus of it being a low energy night was just fine with everyone too. I don’t think anyone minded having a night where we weren’t running and cheering all night long.

Tomorrow will be theist day of activities (can you believe it??) and all the campers will be getting in their last rides down the zip line and on their favorite horse. It will be a time where everyone gets to show their friends just how much they’ve improved over the last two weeks in all the activities. The campers down at arts and crafts will be putting the finishing touches on all their projects and making sure everything is just right before they take them home.

Now tomorrow night we’ll have Showtime at Skyline where we’ll have all the performing activities demonstrate all their skills in everything from circus, dane, gymnastics, cheerleading and more. Its another night for the campers to shine in front of the while camp. Well, its been a long day and I still have to go through all the Ocoee pics and get them on line for ya so I think I’ll try to finish that up before I leave tonight. You guys enjoy all the pics, and we’ll zebeck here one more time tomorrow for the last big of the session. If you want your camper to get an email on Thursday please be sure to get it sent in before 7PM eastern time Wednesday night. We’ll print them out then and deliver them on Thursday for the final emails.

Also, (this is important!!) on closing day, you guys will get to be part of the worlds longest yard sale. It starts about abhor south of camp and runs all the way up to Wisconsin (yea…..I can’t believe it either!!) The point is, there will be A LOT of people on the road and many of them will be “shopping form their cars” as they actually stop in the road to see what is for sale in everyone yards. I’m not kidding, this really happens……SO please be careful and allow a little (a lot) extra time on your trip up here and back home Friday……It will be a mess.

Well, you guys have a good night, I’m about to dive into the Ocoee pics and hopefully you guys will get to see them in just a little while. I’ll see ya tomorrow night so y’all have a good one!!