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We would love to introduce the Head of Summerplace, Lucy Massey.

This summer is my 14th summer at camp.

I am most looking forward to getting to know all the new summerplace girls and helping them form the best friendships!!

The best part of summerplace is how all the rooms are connected so everyone is always just a shout away!

Ropes would be the acvitivty I would want to be in all day because ropes is better than circus. I would never get bored in ropes because there are so many things to do!!!

I would sing UGH UNGALA BACKPORCH GOT THE POWER… WOOOOOOOOO for the rest of my life!

13 years is a lot of memories to choose from but in regards to the question above, my most memorable moment was probably singing Backporch about a million times, followed by not getting found during counselor hunt with Gene.