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Michelle Bloom

We are so excited to introduce Michelle Bloom, Riverside Head Counselor.

This is my 15th summer at camp, 9 as a camper, and 6th as a counselor!

This summer I am looking forward to just being back on the mountain! Camp is such a special place and I can’t wait to spend the summer working and playing with the best people she knows. Most of all I am excited for Frios, nerts, and all the chocolate eclair she can eat!

The best part of being in Riverside is the opportunity to really get to know so many people! There is always someone to talk to whether you’re in the lobby, walking down the hall, or sitting on the front porch! I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people during my time as a camper and counselor in Riverside. My favorite thing is when there is a group of people sitting in the rocking chairs during rest hour writing letters, chatting about life, and just enjoying each other’s company.

If I could play in one activity all day long it would be circus. There is always something exciting going on, and so many people around to talk to! There is no better place than the circus mats for cloud watching and talking to your pals. The chaco tan is just an added bonus!

If I could sing only one camp song it would be Rare Bog.

My most memorable moment at camp was this summer at the end of third session. During river vespers I was in a canoe with Ashley, Laney, and Gracie. We were the last boat out of the water because we were catching the candles from the cabin wishes. I was paddling the boat and dropped off the other three girls at the dock by the blob. I paddled over a little bit so we could pull the canoe out of the water, and as Laney pulled the front of the canoe it tipped and I fell into the water! We all started laughing so hard. I couldn’t get out of the river, Laney and Ashley peed their pants, Gracie just stood there and laughed at us. We tried to pull ourselves together because vespers was still happening and we didn’t want to disrupt it. By the time I finally got out of the water, put the canoe up, and stopped laughing vespers had ended and I had to make the trek back to Riverside soaking wet.