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We are so excited to have Sam Daniels as the other head of Hut Row!

I have been a counselor at Skyline for two years. This will be my third summer at Skyline.

I am looking forward to living in Hot Box and the food at camp. I really miss the food and I can’t wait to see all of my campers and friends!

The best part about being in Hut Row is the campfire. It’s amazing to lay down on the benches at night and look at the stars! Also shout out to the Lodge because nothing beats my two years being in there!

If you could play in one activity all day long what would it be. I would love to play Sock War or any of the club games all day!

I would most definitely sing BACKPORCH everyday, all day!

My most memorable moment at camo would be hearing my campers scream, “ARTS AND CRAFTS!!!” all over camp. I have been head of Arts and Crafts the last two years and have loved it!