Calling all Mounties, Rangers, Troopers 
& Nightriders..It's your week!  

If you didn’t know already, clubs are a huge deal at Camp Skyline! Skyline girls love to deck out in their red, blue & green for friendly club competitions & to show their club spirit!

         How does it work?

Every camper is put in a club on their very first day of camp & once in a club, you are in that club for life. If you have never been to camp before you randomly draw a colored bead out of a cup & that seals your fate as a Mountie (red), Ranger (blue), or Trooper (green)!

However, If you have a mother, sister, aunt,cousin or grandmother that was in a club you can choose to be in their same club & carry on the tradition!

Tune in this week to learn more about each special club!