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Hi, everyone I am back with more packing tips!!! A very important part of packing for Camp Skyline is your TRUNK. Your trunk is your suitcase when coming to camp and it is also where many campers choose to collect any patches (awards) they have gotten from camp. You can buy trunks from This website is also a great resource for labels to put on clothes and belongings. When something ends up in the lost and found we can just check the label and return it to your camper. Packing tip number TWO for today is a simple ziplock baggy trick. Getting large bags and dividing up your child’s outfit for each day saves time for them in the mornings and it keeps their trunk nice and organized. Packing tip number THREE is all about what makes your child feel most comfortable. I used to go to camp with a sleeping back and a flashlight and that was enough for me. Your child gower might want a reading light and a small fan to keep them feeling cozy. I have seen it both ways, rugs, lamps, and color coordinated bedding to sleeping bags and a camping pillow. Either way is fine we just want your camper to feel at home here.