It’s already time to think about PACKING for camp! Hey camp family!!! Savannah here! I am so excited that camp is just around the corner. Our counselors will be here in just TEN short weeks (some have probably already packed their things)! On that note I want to share a couple of Camp Skyline packing tips with you! Shower Caddy - We do have in-cabin showers here at Camp Skyline but many girls choose to take advantage of the outdoor shower houses. We think it is a great idea to bring a handy dandy shower caddy to carry back and fourth filled with all the things you use for shower time, like flip flops! Can be found at places like: Wal-Mart and Target

Robe- Also for shower time. We don’t want all your clothes laying on the floor of the shower house getting wet so be sure to bring a robe to wear and hang up while you’re showering.

Shoe Organizer- (no, not for shoes) Many girls hang shoe organizers from their bunks to keep important daily needs handy such as: hair-brush, tooth brush & tooth paste, deodorant, ponytail holders & clips, and maybe a book or flashlight. Can be found at places like : Wal-Mart and Target