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Sandra Rice (1st + 4th) and Cerrell Atkinson (all summer) at the 4th Session Skyline VMAs.

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Annie Lussier (1st)

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Clancie Blackwood McMillan (2nd)

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Tia Reynolds Gable (2nd)

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Mary Ann Davis (2nd)

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Joyce Vander Knijff (3rd)

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Janet Scarpatetti (3rd)

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Shari Busby (4th)

Camp COULD NOT function as well as it does today without the support of our medical staff! They devote time out of their busy lives to come live at camp and care for our campers and staff. We are so thankful for the love, knowledge, compassion, and respect for the spirit of camp, that they bring with them. Click through the photos to meet them all!

Cerrell Atkinson (all summer) - LPN; Tuscaloosa, AL; daughter Brooke is one of our Hut Row Head Counselors and daughter Taylor worked as a camp nurse last summer ; 15th year as Skyline nurse; breeds German Shorthaired Pointers and makes the BEST costumes and decor for all the summer festivities.

Sandra Rice (1st + 4th) - RN; Duncanville, AL; granddaughter, Amber, was a camper and counselor; 13th year as Skyline nurse; helps out with Sally’s Bible study class while she is here. She’s one WISE woman!

Anny Lussier (1st) - RN; Villa Rica, GA; daughter Hailey is a camper; 4th year as Skyline nurse; was once a camper at Skyline herself! Works as a school nurse and lactation consultant.

Clancie Blackwood McMillan (2nd) - RN; Tuscaloosa, AL; sons attend Camp Alpine; 4th year as a Skyline Nurse; used to work with Cerrell in Tuscaloosa.

Tia Reynold Gable (2nd) - RN; Rome, GA; daughter is coming to camp for her first year; 1st summer as a Skyline nurse; if you recognize her face it may be because she has worked as an Opening Day check-in nurse for several years!

Mary Ann Davis (2nd) - RN; Boulder, CO; daughter Izzy is a camper; 9th year as a Skyline Nurse; LOVES the camp bacon!

Joyce Vander Knijff (3rd) - RN; Longmont, CO; daughter Johanna is aging out this summer; 6th summer as a Skyline Nurse; she is originally from Cananda!

Janet Scarpatetti (3rd) - RN; Miami, FL; daughters Alexandra and Megan are campers; 1st summer as a Skyline nurse; was once a camper at Skyline too!

Shari Busby (4th) - RN; Rome, GA; daughter Caroline; 7th year as Skyline nurse, was Sally’s roommate in college at JSU!

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