It's Super Trooper Thursday! 

This green club is unique because unlike the Mounties & Rangers, it was brought to camp in 1964 after our founder Eloise decided Skyline needed a 3rd club.

As you can probably tell, Troopers definitely get into the club spirit with their crazy headbands, beads,leis & tutus.

They shout cheers such as “S-T-P” & “Rowdy” to get their club pumped & ready for our club competitions like Sock War & Get Skyline Back.

We know St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday but Troopers here’s your excuse to break it out early. (& you definitely won’t get pinched with all that green!)

“T-R-O,-O-P-E-R-S we are the Troopers, Oh yes, & we are the best!”