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Mother daughter weekend is full of fun, spending time with one another, being in a great atmosphere and meeting new people. There are many reasons why you should come experience a mother daugther weekend at camp.

Spending time with one another can be hard these days, with kids playing sports and just the hustle and bustle of life. I can guarantee that there will be time for just you and your daughter to have during this weekend.

Camp is such a happy place and campers like to call it their “home away from home.” We invite you to come and see what that is like. Be surrounded by other familes, meet some of the camp counsleors and meet the Directors of camp.

Meeting new people can be a lot of fun. Maybe your daughter is looking for a cabin mate for the summer, or maybe you find a new friend from your hometown. Families come from all over to this weekend and you will get to stay in cabins and be in activities with them.

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun? Well I can tell you that fun is excatly what this weekend holds for you. There will be 9 different activities you and your daughter get to experience. We let you choose your activities just like we do at camp, there are 17 different activities to choose from for this weekend. Getting to experience a full weekend at camp in the same activities your daughter would do during a session.

We hope to see you at a Mother Daughter weekend soon!