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Happy 4th of July on June 26 everyone!! Hey, its never too early or a bad day to celebrate America and our campers proved that today. Even though it isn’t really the 4th of July we celebrated it as a camp today so everyone was in the USA spirit! We started the day with our horseback staff riding horses through camp this morning yelling “The British are coming!!” to get everyone out of their bunks and out to the front of the cabin to see what was going on. During flag raising this morning, we shared the meanings of the 13 folds of the American flag. The campers all knew what the stars and stripes and color s stood for but they didn’t know what each fold stood for and listened intently as we talked about their meaning. After that we had an incredible rendition of the Star Spangled Banner from one of our counselors but it didn’t take long till she had plenty of help from our whole camp as they all joined in in a way that would have made America proud!

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Following breakfast and cabin clean up it was time for our parade through camp complete with horses, cabin floats, and club representatives. We even had our camp nurses with their own “float” (golf cart) and a special guess appearance from a T-Rex (it was a friendly one though!!). All the campers cheered and chanted USA! USA! as their cabin mates walked past with their signs and passing out candy to everyone sitting n the side of the parade route.

Following a picnic lunch that was out of this world complete wit Costco hot dogs (I’m not making an ad for them but if you haven’t ever had a Costco hotdog, you need to try one or put it on your bucket list….trust me!!). After rest hour it was time for our swim meet and you could hear the camper cheering all across camp as they swam in all sorts of different events to compete for club points for their club. It was a great day for all these celebrations and activities up till then. Thats when Mother Nature decided to step in.

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I remember as a kid hearing the phrase “its not nice to fool Mother Nature” along with “Mother Nature always gets the last at bat”. This was true as we got ready for our night time activity of Speed Challenge. Clear blue skies above us and it started raining. (no joke!) Then the rain started to build to the west of us and head our way so when we got a break in the rain, everyone moved the gym before it started again. Even though we wanted to hold the event out in the sports field, the rain didn’t dampen our campers spirits as they still got to compete in Speed Challenge, one it was “indoors” in the gym. I’m sorry to report at this time I don’t have the winners listed with me, I was on radar duty and wasn’t in the gym so I guess I’ll find out when I get to see tonights video just like you guys! I can say this though, the campers cheering and yelling for they club could be heard here in the office over the sound of the rain!

Now everyone is back in their cabins and tucked back into their bunks as a strong storm passes over the area. The worst of it has passed and now its back to the gentle sound of rain hitting the tin roofs, so anyone that might for some unknown reason be having trouble going to sleep, should have an easy time of it tonight with the drumming of the rain. Heck! I’m getting sleepy just writing about it!

Tomorrow will be our last day of classes (can you believe it!?). All the campers will be getting in their last rides on the zip line, circus or favorite horse. Down in arts and crafts and the dance hall, they’ll be putting on the finishing touches on all their projects or dance routines as they get ready for Showtime where they get to show everything they’ve learned to the whole camp. Tomorrow night we’ll have our Cabaret performance rom our drama class in their presentation of Broadway songs. I know these girls have been working hard all session long and I can’t wait to see their performance tomorrow night.

Well, the rain is stopping, my eyes are drooping, and I think thats about all for today. Oh wait!!

I almost forgot. With the rain tonight we weren’t able to have our fireworks display as planned (I told ya Mother Nature always gets last at bat!) so we’re planning on having our fireworks tomorrow after our performance of the drama class. So that will be a great way to finish the session and should work out well after the show. I’ll let ya know tomorrow how it goes. At least thats the plan, but remember…Mother Nature always gets the last at bat, so stay tuned to see what happens!!

Y’all have a great night, I’ll see ya tomorrow for the sessions last blog!!