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Happy Saturday to ya parents!! Hope y’all are having a great weekend, its been a little warm up here, but other than that it was another perfect day. Wasn’t too warm this morning and that made it nice for all the mini campers that went home today. It sure was nice to have ‘em here and we sure miss them. You could easily tell some of them didn’t want to leave and and wanted to stick around for another week. Hang in there guys, you can check back in with us online now and keep up with all your new friends. As a mater of fact, there’s a couple clips in tonights video from Mini closing so if you guys check that out, you might see yourself in todays video.

As for the rest fo the campers here today, well….they didn’t waste any time getting right back into classes and working on polishing up all the skills they learned so far. Why, just this afternoon, I had a camper run up to me calling my name. When I stopped, she couldn’t wait to tell me about her progress in rifelry (remember earlier this week when I was telling you guys how much they were improving down there). Well, she told me her new high score was 41 out of 50 which is pretty dad gum good. Thats plenty good reason to be excited but when she told me that her first score this week just a 7 (still out of 50!!) well then, thats puts her progress and how hard she has worked into perspective.

Not only the girls in rifelry, but arts and crafts, painting, and I haven’t even talked abut the ladies in Chorus and drama and how hard they’ve been working on learning all their lines for their play. There will be more on that later when we get closer to the Matinee.

The ladies didn’t waste any time in fun swim today cooling off everyday possible. Some chose the waterslide, the blob, the lily pad and there were quite a few enjoying the inflatable toys up at the pool. Pretty nice way to spend the day, if you look through all the pics (and who doesn’t) you’ll see a few campers who took to the air from the blob before splashing down into Little River. Don’t worry, everyone was fine and they were super stars with all the campers in their class for being masters of mid-air manipulation after their performance on the blob.

Tonight will be a little quieter night as we have Movie Night. Now its not your ordinary movie night. It all started out with all the campers coming to dinner in their PJ’s and ready for the worlds largest slumber party in the gym as they settle in with their own bag of popcorn (everyone has to have popcorn when they watch a movie, I think thats a law somewhere) and their sleeping bag or blanket and pillow. They won’t be spending the night there but I bet they’ll be several that will start their night off there. We’ll see how many are still awake when the movie finishes. (I know I wouldn’t be)

Now tomorrow is a special day, yes it is Sunday and that is special, but first off well let all the campers sleep in a little later (thank goodness!!) and then when we do come to the dining hall, we’ll have some of those homemade doughnuts you got a taste of last week. Of course there will be plenty of other fixings too, like bacon, fresh fruit, bagels, eggs, sausage and more!

Right after breakfast, we’ll head back to the cabins to do some clean up and then to Sunday School and then our church service in the gym with our counselor choir. After that it will be rest hour and then time for the biggest carnival on the mountain as we have all sorts of inflatable slides and obstacle courses, a dunk tank, and all other stores of games and faceprinting. We’ll catch all the action and get pics to ya tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow night we’ll have our counselor hunt where all the counselors will dress up on their best Mossy Oak to try and keep from being found by all your campers. Each counselor is worth a specific amount pf points and when they bring them back to the gym, their club will earn those points. The best part of the night is each camper that finds a counselor will get to take that counselor home with them for the year. Just kidding, I wanted to see how many of y’all were still awake. They only get to take them home for 6 months :-) We’ll be there right along with all the campers as they look under every rock and turn over every leaf to check and see if the counselors are there. We’ll let ya know how it goes and who wins tomorrow night so be sure to turn back in and see who wins the points.

Well, since we get to sleep in a little longer tomorrow, I don’t want to waste any time tonight taking advantage of that so I’m gonna head off to bed and try to catch some serious ZZZZZZZZZZ’s.

Hope y’all can do the same, have a great weekend and we’ll see ya tomorrow after counselor hunt!!