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Happy Sunday to ya parents! It was great to get to sleep in this morning and then to come get my coffee and homemade donuts, what culls make the day better? All the campers agreed as they made their way into the dining hall this morning. Their faces all looked like they took advantage of and really enjoyed the extra sleep. I know I did! After breakfast and cabin cleanup (yes, they clean up the cabin and make their beds every day! ) it was time for Sunday School and then to our church service with our guest speaker and former counselor and admin Aja Grimes!

Aja is always full of energy and love of our campers and it was clear everyone loved having her and her family back home at camp. She spoke and interacted with all the campers as she talked about how a sunflower is always facing the sun and it even changes the direction it faces thought out the day to get the most warmth from the sun as it passes through the sky. Even when the skies are cloudy and bad weather, the flower has enough heat energy to stay focused and search for the sun when it eventually makes its way back through the clouds. This extra warmth helps it thrive and produce extra pollen which makes it more attractive and available to more pollen collectors (bees and insects). This is good for the sunflower and helps it to survive.

She used that speech to demonstrate how God gave us his Son and we should always face or be looking towards him, not only on the bright sunny days, but also when our skies are gloomy and it seems like there is a storm around us. The sun is always there and God’s Son is always there too she said. Sometimes we just have to keep looking, have faith and be ready to receive him when we can see him again. Just because the clouds hide the sun from the flower, it doesn’t stop adjusting to where it knows the sun should be and thats the way we should be with Jesus. It was a great service and the campers and counselors loved it.

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After lunch it was time for the carnival with all sorts of inflatable slides, an obstacle course, face painting, giant Jenga, football toss (some of those girls have a pretty good arm!) we even face painting and more. One of the campers favorite options was the snow cone trailer and you could tell from all the colored tongues they seemed to like the green and purple. Be sure to check out todays video to watch them in the obstacle course and on the slides, you don’t wanna miss it!

After dinner it was time for counselor hunt and your campers came prepared! They were decked out in al their club colors and paired up with other club mates to look under every rock and behind every tree trying to find the counselors. Some of the campers even looked in trash cans (and they found some counselors too!), under the climbing wall and everywhere you could imagine. There were flashlights going everywhere around camp and you could hear campers trying to lure the counselors out with false claims of “Camper sees you!!!” even though there was no one hiding anywhere around them. One of the best parts of counselor hunt is when the campers do find some counselors and walk them back to the gym. One particular group of counselors had a great hiding spot (and I do mean great) but to no avail, the campers found them and had escorted them to the gym. The campers had ear to ear grins and the counselors looked less than happy. “you ok?” I asked as they walked by. “Yep” the counselors replied, “just didn’t expect to be making the counselor walk of shame tonight” The campers were clearly enjoying the moment and the counselors couldn’t help but start laughing with the campers as they continued sulking their way to the scorers table to be recorded as “Caught”.

At the end of the night and a valiant effort from your campers the results of the hunt were……. Mounties 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Rangers 1st!! Way to go girls!!

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After counselor hun was finished and all the campers had regrouped in the gym and bellowed out more of their club cheers, it was time to say good night and make their way to bed. No doubt they all will sleep well tonight after a full day of activities and searching for counselors

Tomorrow we’ll begin our 2nd week of camp and everyone will be back in their activities and enjoying the day. We’ll be back out there to catch all the action and get it online to you just as fast as we can. Its also trip day and we’ll have a group of girls heading up to raft the Ocoee River. They’ll have a camera with ‘em so we should be able to get some pretty good pics back to ya when they return.

Tomorrow night we’ll have our sponge battle where all the campers will head to our sports field ready to compete club vs club vs club in a massive areal assault of wet sponges and water balloons. Its about like kicking a fire ant bed and then tap dancing around the bed and trying not to get bit, but instead of ants, it will be campers with water balloons and sponges running everywhere on the field. Its a wild night and the campers enjoy the giant water war, after a hot day of activiites, it should be a great way to cool off before heading to bed.

Well, speaking of heading to bed, its that time of night again when my eye lids are starting to need props in them to stay open so I guess thats a clue I should wrap this blog up and head that way myself. You guys get some rest too, we still have another week and plenty of action is still to come.

Have a good one, I think its time for me to lay it down and catch some serious ZZZZZZZ’s. (you should too!)