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A happy Tuesday to ya parents!! Since this whole “COLOR WARS” is new to mew this year, I thought Id get started on the blog early to help me keep up with everything thats happening around camp today.

11:50 AM Its still before lunch and we have had all sorts of color competition going on. First off, all the campers are fully decked out in their club colors. Theres faces painted, capes, colored tutu’s (I didn’t even know where they would get those) and everywhere you look the campers are in full club spirit. Not only on what they are wearing, but you can hear the different groups cheering on their fellow campmates in all the competitions. I have no idea how they even still have a voice left after last night). So far today we’ve had water balloon battleship, cardboard boat regatta, canoe on land races, I even saw some younger campers having a race where they all were crawling like crabs. The one constant through the whole morning was they spirit and cheering from every camper during every race. I do have to tell ya though, the cardboard box regatta went about as well as you would thought it would. But that didn’t stop ’em form trying to swim their waterlogged cardboard boxes to the other end fo the pool and if the cheering and support they were getting from their club mates could have helped, those boxes would’ve been skimming right across the water.

12:10 PM The cheering noise has subsided a little bit. All the campers are in their club meetings planning and getting ready to practice for………. a club cheer off later tonight! I guess it’s the quiet before the storm……….

12:30 PM Lunch time. Ahhhh a nice quiet meal….Nope! Hold that thought, they’re singing before they go into the dining hall and then as soon as they finish eating they’ll start singing again……where are they getting this energy?

1:30 PM Rest Hour- oh thank goodness now I can get some quiet time and catch a nap. Whoops. there goes the radio, never mind…

2:30 PM 3rd Group activity for color wars. Not as quite as much cheering now (sun may have something to do with the energy level?) but there is still plenty as the campers compete in round 3 of the color war club day. Now one group is doing relay races on the tennis courts, the others in the gym and the 3rd group is out on the beach volleyball court with water balloons and apparently the sun doesn’t affect them, you can hear them cheering all across camp.

4:00 PM All Camp Color War activity. If anyone was worrying the campers might be running out of energy, stop worrying. Apparently they found the fountain of youth (or they ARE the fountain of youth) as they run all around the spots girls voices and a cloud of paint powder fill the air. What used to be white T shirts are soon becoming tie-dye looking shirts not to mention their faces, arms, hair and anything that might take the impact of a color bomb. It doesn’t take long before everyone is covered in paint and all you can see is the smiles on their faces even though they too are colored in paint. They are making enough noise that some of the camp neighbors come out to watch all the fun and see what is going on. It is a spectacle of color.

6:30 PM Everyone has washed up and is clean (relatively speaking of course, theres still specs of paint behind some ears and in some hair. I’m sure it will come out……eventually). All the campers are now decked out in their club colors getting ready for the Cheer off competition after dinner (and some more songs sang at the top of their lungs!!)

7:30 PM Cheer off time is here. They have been practicing since this morning and its time to shine and be heard. Be heard?? Who are they kidding? they’ve been heard since breakfast this morning!! Anyway, its time for the cheer off so here we go. All the clubs did their songs (of course…. you gotta warm up don’t ya??) and then they let loose with some of the loudest and synchronized cheers you’ve ever seen or heard. I thought the roof was gonna come off the gym and I had to wonder….. How do those little girls still have their voices after doing that all day?? Anyway, the cheer off was the final event of the day long Color War and after all the points were tallied and the decisions made about the cheers, the results were……… Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the terrific TROOPERS 1ST!!!!! Way to go girls, it was a hard fought day and you guys came out on top!!

Tomorrow will be our last day of classes already (can you believe it??) as we’ll spend Thursday with our Horse Grand Championship and Showtime (as well as packing and some other tidy up things). Theres no doubt the girls will end the session with a bang and be going all out in their last day of classes. I had several girls come up to me and tell me how close they were to getting their patches in rifelry and they were gonna “knock it out” tomorrow to finish strong. Can’t wait to tell ya how they did!!

Tomorrow will also be the last day of emails, We’ll print the Wednesday ones out at the regular time (9AM central) and then print the ones for Thursday out at 6PM Wednesday night. So if you wanna get your last minute we’ll see ya Friday’s in, be sure to send them before 6PM Wednesday night. Those will be delivered at lunch on Thursday.

Tomorrow night we’ll slow it down a bit and the ladies from the chorus and drama class will present their play they’ve been workin’ on all session to the rest of camp. It will be a great night to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy how hard those ladies have been working. We’ll be there so keep tuning in to keep up!!

Well, it’s a little early so I’m gonna go ahead and post this so you guys at home can have something to read before you go to bed. Hope everyone has as good of day as were gonna have tomorrow as we finish yup the classes in style!!

have a great night,