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Happy Sunday to ya parents! Can you believe its already been a full week so far? Seems like only yesterday we were talking in the dining hall with all our new camp parents going over how to look at all the pictures and send emails to campers. I have to say, you guys have caught on quick and are doing a great job of keeping up with all the pics and the daily video each night!

Like I mentioned last night, everyone got to sleep in a little later this morning (I didn’t hear anyone complain about that!!) and then come to a breakfast complete with homemade doughnuts! (no complaints there either!!)

We had a great church session in the gym this morning and then after lunch, as if right on cue with rest hour, the winds picked up, the skies darkened, the temperature dropped and it rained for about 20 minutes. Cool breeze and the sound of rain on a tin roof… Nothing says “sleeping weather” like that combination. To top things off, by the time it had stopped, the temps were just perfect for the carnival this afternoon.

The rain must have done the trick, ‘cause by all the energy the girls had at carnival, it sure looked like they must have gotten some serious nap time during the rain shower. You can see from the pics, they enjoyed the inflatables, 9 square in the air, faceprinting and especially the snow cones! I’m not exactly sure how many different flavors they had but the campers tongues looked like a box of Crayola 64 pack! (if you remember that, then your dating yourself).

One of the inflatables we had was a giant obstacle course and the campers were pairing up to race each other through it twisting, turning, over then under, around, up and down. They were doing it all to compete and see who would slide through the finish line first. I’d have to say it was one of the favorites of the day and there was no shortage of campers waiting to take their turn at the challenge. (I told you the other night, these girls were tough!!) Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and 5:00 came around all to quickly and it was time for everyone to change and get ready for our picnic on the grounds and then the night time activity of counselor hunt.

Folks, be proud of your camper tonight, in their efforts to find counselors and earn points for their club, they turned over every stone and looked behind every tree. They were an on a mission to find all those elusive counselors and they did one heck of a job. A couple of the counselors even tried to hide in plain sight and dress up like campers and blend in with everyone. It was a great idea, right up until the point of failure. For about 30 minutes it worked and then some of your campers were wise to their tricks and called ‘em out. A couple of the campers did manage to find and catch a toad tonight! As mush as we wanted to award them points, they just couldn’t convince anyone that the toad was actually a counselor.

The campers gave it their all and the point total reflected their efforts. I think this was one of the closest, if not THE closets competition we’ve ever had. At the end of the night, after all the searchin’ and huntin’ the winning score was decided by only 1 point. It seems theres one club on a roll this session, ‘cause the winners again tonight were the MIGHTY MOUNTIES!! Great job to all our campers ……. now stop picking up frogs!!!

Tomorrow we’ll be back in our regular classes and I can’t wait to see hat happens next. Everyday I’m surprised by what I see from these young ladies in all their classes. They just keep gettin’ better and better! There will be a few less campers in classes tomorrow as some of our campers will be on some out of camp trips. The advanced canoeing class will head out early and canoe down to Desoto falls for breakfast in the state park. Also tomorrow some of our campers will be heading to the Ocoee River to challenge its white water rapids for an all day trip down the river. We’ll have pics from both trips but it will be later in the day before we get the cameras back so it may be a day or two before you get to see them. hang in there, we’ll get them up just as quickly as we can.

We’ll, its been an exciting day with doughnuts, church, carnival and counselor hunt. I think the goodness form the nap during rest hour has worn off and its time to recharge my batteries for the next week. I’m gonna head off to bed and I hope you guys do the same. You’re one week in with another one to go so remember to take a break and actually do some of the things that were on your “to do” list whole your camper was at camp. I’m sure there are no list that say “spend 27 hours a day online scanning pictures” but inevitably it seems to happen. Get some sleep and come back tomorrow, we’ll still be here and still gettin’ all the pics and news to ya!

Have a great night, its time for bed!!