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Happy Friday to ya parents!! Its been another big day up here as everyone enjoyed the sunny skies, then the cooling downpour (just rain so yes we kept going, it was awesome. Look for some rain pics and videos tonight!) and then the blue skies again complete with good ol’ Southern humidity! Its was about like playing in the fog, but at the end of the day, it had cooled off again and was just right. Even though it only rained for about 20 minutes durung the day, the campers didn’t miss any opportunities to play in the rain or even catch a ride down the zip line or V swing in the downpour. Riding down the zip line in that downpour was about as close as you could get to a real outdoor shower.

There were several other reasons to be excited today. One was our guest chef in cooking classes. A former camper and counselor that has been a sous chief in NYC and she stopped by to show the girls in class how to make pasta and meatballs. Now this isn’t your ordinary pasta and meatballs, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was made from scratch. Even the pasta! They had to wait till 6th period to come back and get them when everything was ready, but there was a line of girls heading that way as the classes changed and trust me, it was worth the wait to get their food they had prepared. If your camper is in cooking, be sure to have them cook dinner for ya one night after they get home, you won’t be disappointed!!

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Lets see….. there was some other reason they were excited but I just can’t seem to remember it. Oh wait!! Its dance night and the boys from Camp Laney were heading over to camp to enjoy a cool night of dancing out under the stars with our campers. You could tell when the busses were getting close to camp. The girls could see the buses through the woods as they approached, but since the wind was blowing the right direction, you could get a good whiff of the Axe Body Spray WAY before you could see or hear any buses. That was a dead give a way even though they were still well over a quarter mile away and that was just enough time for our campers to get excited and start yelling and screaming as they approached.

Well, now I know last night I told ya they were gonna be dancin’ out under the stars on the tennis courts and that was the plan. But it seems that Mother Nature had some different plans as she gave us a good old fashioned frog strangler (that means we had a lot of rain!) right when the dance was about to start. Not to worry though as we just moved the dance and everyone got cozy dancin’ to the music under the lights of the gym. Ya know what it’s like to have 500 of your closest little friends over for a dance with today’s music?? If you don’t then count your blessings. Needless to say it was loud and the campers and counselors (both camps) enjoyed sharing time up on the stage to have their time “in the spotlight” up where everyone could see them show off their moves.

Even though the rain didn’t last we went ahead and finished out the night dancin’ in the gym with plenty of boot scootin’ and cotton eye joeing. All in all everyone had a great time and I don’t think the rain even bothered them at all.

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Before the dance even started we were all treated to a couple great routines from all our mini campers that will be heading home tomorrow. It was a fun time to get to see them show off their skills they have been working so hard on all week. Its sure gonna be a lot different next week without any of our little guys around. We’ll miss ya mini’s!!!!

For those of you that will be coming up tomorrow to pick up your mini camper we’ll have a USB drive at the front office with every picture you’ve seen on it for you to take home and be able to share or watch with your camper. Be sure to stop by the office and pick up your USB before you head out. Also for you mini camper parents, here’s a fair warning for ya. We know your camper is gonna be glad to see ya but don’t get your feelings hurt if they aren’t excited about leaving! Saying goodbye to all their new friends and their Skyline Sister is a hard thing for them to do and we just wanted to give ya a heads up!!

Tomorrow should be another great day with the rain being maybe on again off again so we’ll see what happens. (be sure to check out the video of the campers on the V swing in the rain! It was pouring and they loved it!!). Tomorrow night, we’ll slow things down a bit and let everyone get their legs back under ‘em (thank goodness!!) with Movie night in the gym and every camper will come to dinner in their PJ’s and blanket or sleeping bag and then get their own bag of popcorn to settle down, get cozy and then try to stay awake through the whole movie as we all watch it in the gym. Think of it as the worlds largest slumber party!

You guys have great night, I think I may head home and start practicing for tomorrow nights movie and see how long I can stay up (bet it ain’t long!) as I lay in bed and search the 1,000 channels for a decent old movie to go to sleep too! Hope you guys still playing along at home can get some rest too, were half way there and theres still plenty of fun to go for the rest of the session.

have a good one, like a slow kid in dodgeball………..I’m outta here!