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Well hello parents, yep, its me again, here with all the news and action from the mountain today. I know it sounds like a broken record (how many of y’all remember what the “skip” sound in a record was like?), but the weather up here was absolutely beautiful. Yea I know it was a little warm in the sun, but the campers found their way to the shade or to one of the water fountains around camp and kept cool all day long.

You can see from the pics, they’re in full “camp mode” and aren’t wasting any time once they get to their classes. Even the mini campers are hurrying to their classes and can’t wait to get started in each activity. Everywhere I look as I make my way through camp I see campers working together on friendship bracelets, playing tetherball or GaGa ball, or just participating int heir activities together.

Tomorrow is supposed to bring some rain, but we have all the rainy day plans in place and they will be able to keep working on whatever activity they are in even if its raining. (ok, ya got me on swimming and canoeing, but they do stay busy with dodgeball or our own version of “Simon Says”. If mother nature does give us a good washing, we’ll have something special for the circus and ropes course class. Circus will be able to practice on the giant silks that are hanging in the gym and the ropes course class will be learning how to climb UP ropes using ascenders. I know that may sound confusing but just wait till you see the pics and video of the girls racing up the ropes using the “Frog systems” we have for them. They love it and you will be amazed at how well they are doing it.

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Now tonight we had “Get Skyline Back” and I told ya just a little bit about it in last nights blog but heres the full scoop in what happened. As your campers were enjoying a anything but quiet meal at dinner time (they “sing” after every meal and when i say sing, I really mean yell in unison) when all of a sudden the doors burst open and in came the stinky, sweaty boy counselors from Camp Laney (not really, it was just our counselors dressed up as the Laney counselors). As they invaded the dining hall, they took the club leaders, their flags and their club boxes hostage and ran out of the dining hall with all their goods in tow. Now you know good and well your campers ain’t gonna stand for someone talking their club leaders and they set out to rescue them. Just as soon as they finished their desert, you can’t run a rescue mission on an empty stomach, everyone knows that.

So here they go, getting clues to where their captains are being held. First they had to figure out where the clue was sending their club and then they had to go get their leader. But to do that they would have to defeat the counselors that were guarding the leader. All the counselors at each area were armed with hundreds of stuffed socks (we just got a new batch of 1200 socks in today and used them tonight!). All the campers had to do was get 4 campers around the legs of a counselor and then that counselor was out of the game and couldn’t throw any more socks at campers. If a camper was hit by a stuffed sock that a counselor threw, they had to go back to the scorers table to report in and then they were right back in the game and trying to catch another counselor without being hit by another sock. I know it sounds crazy, but thats why I wanted to wait till tonight to try and explain all the crazy rules.

Needless to say, your campers gave it there all when it came to rescuing their leaders or their club flag. They surrounded each counselor and came in wave after wave to attack the counselors. Even with a barrage of socks hiding their way, they eliminated each counselor one by one and worked their way down till they had them all captured and freeing their leaders, flag or club box.

In the end I’m happy to report back and let ya know they the ROCKIN’ Rangers had the best times and fewest campers tagged with socks and were the winners of “Get Skyline Back!” Way to go Rangers!!

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Now remember how I described how the girls sang at dinner? well, I know its hard to imagine but after Sock Wars, they all made their way to this evenings campfire and all of a sudden, they were singing in rounds and it was soft and beautiful. I had no idea these girls could change their “range” so much and so easily but it was great to sit around the campfire and listen to them sing “Father i Adore Thee” in rounds and with a purpose. Thats not the only song they sang, but I had to leave early to get back to the office and thats the only one I was able to hear, I’m glad I got to hear them sing though cause it was so different from their after dinner voices.

Tomorrow night is a new activity called Candy Crush and the campers will be making their way with their cabin mates, across camp trying to collect balloons that are worth points. But to get a balloon, they must first complete a task at each station they go to. But on the way, there are some “hecklers” that will try to get their balloon if they’re not careful. So the campers will have to work together to protect the balloons they have and work hard to keep trying to get more.

Like I mentioned earlier, We’re expecting some rain, but were all ready for it. The campers will be back in their activities and we’ll be there with cameras to bring ya all the action. Be sure to keep checking in and seeing whats happening. I know ya will!!

Well, it’s already late again so I’m gonna cut this short and get everything posted and head off to bed. You guys do the same, we still have a long way to go over the rest of the session!

have a great night, we’ll see ya tomorrow!


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