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Helloooooo parents!! Welcome back to the weekend edition of camp news, other wise known as the camp blog, the same thing you’ve been reading all through the week! Today was a great day up here at camp. Not because of blue skies and picture perfect weather, but just the opposite. We woke to a cool overcast sky and its stayed that way all day and with that we’ve had very cool temps and a breeze blowing through camp all day. Makes me want to go try out the Hammock Farm and see what kind of ZZZZZZ’s I could catch in the middle of the day. You can tell the campers are enjoying the cooler temps and get skies. It pretty much puts a little extra spring in everyones step.

Of course the sad part of the day was right after breakfast we had to say good bye to all our mini campers. I can’t tell ya how many parents came up to me and said it happened just like I wrote about last night. Their campers were really happy to see their parents but they weren’t happy about leaving and wanted to stick around with all their new friends. Hopefully some of our minis are reading this blog as I speak and I’d like to give ‘em a big shout out “HEY GUYS!!!” if they are!! We miss ya already! The mini camper counselors are looking pretty bummed too with all their little friends gone from their cabins.

The rest of the girls have been busy under the cool clouds with all their projects in pottery and arts and crafts and if you saw last nights video you know that if rain ain’t gonna stop us form having fun on the ropes course then some cloudy weather sure isn’t gonna hold us back. This girls were zipping and pamper poling and v swinging all day.

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I just walked past the river and the ladies on the waterfront are having a ball jumping down onto the blob and then waiting for the next camper to hear the chorus of the other campers all yell out “1…2…bottom on blue” (that reminds them to land on the blob in a sitting position and to try and land on the blue section to get the most bang for your buck). Of course you still have some that no matter how hard they try, their body just wont let ‘em land on their fanny and they usually end up landing feet first and then straight onto their face. Nothing wrong with that “technique” it’s just fun to watch and looks a lot worse than it actually feels (um…..yea…. you can trust me on that!!! Know what I mean??)

Early this morning (and I DO MEAN EARLY!! 6AM) our advanced canoeing class met at the canoe docks complete with their breakfast in tow and made their way on a peaceful journey down stream to Desoto Falls State Park where they had a picnic breakfast and got to enjoy it with a beautiful view of the falls as their background. They had a camera with ‘em but I haven’t been able to check and see if they got any pics yet. If they did, you’ll want to be sure and check them out. Its not a bad place to enjoy a quiet breakfast!

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So tonight we have a great night time activity planned. (great as in it requires no energy and is one of my favorites- of course!!) it’s MOVIE NIGHT!! Each camper will come to dinner wearing their PJ’s and as soon as we finish, they’ll head up to the gym with their pillow and sleeping bag or blanket, then they each get their very own bag of popcorn (you HAVE to have popcorn when you watch a movie…..pretty sure thats a law some where) and then they’ll settle in and get comfortable and enjoy tonights showing of……….National Treasure. I know we’ve had several campers ask about watching that so it will be nice to be able to show ‘em something they’ve requested. Did I mention they’ll all be in their PJ’s and have their pillows? (pretty sure I did…) you know what that means don’t ya? That means I almost guarantee about half of them will be fast asleep on the gym floor snuggled up in their bags of blankets before the end of the movie (I know I would be fast asleep if I could!!).

Now following what could be an early night for some of our campers (and me!!) were gonna treat the little darling’s to some extra time tomorrow morning before they have to wake up. Once everyone does wake up, we’ll have our breakfast of homemade donuts and fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, biscuits, more bacon, cereal, bagels and bacon. (EVERYTHING is better with bacon!!) and then its off to cabin clean up, Sunday School and finally our church service in the gym. After all that it will be time for lunch and getting ready for the biggest, baddest, bestest, carnival on the mountain as we have all sorts of inflatable clides, obstacle course, dunk tank, snow-cones, face painting and plenty more games and activities to try and burn off some of the calories from breakfast and lunch. Its a fun filled afternoon that all the campers enjoy. Especially when they get to try and sink their club captain in the dunk tank. Be sure to check in and see for yourself once we get all the pics posted.

After carnival (I was lobbying for an extended rest hour but I lost) we’ll have our sunday picnic dinner on the grounds of camp followed by Counselor Hunt! This is where all the counselors will put on their best real tree camp and his around camp and try to not be found by the campers that will be searching for ‘em. Each counselor is worth a certain amount of points for the club of the camper that finds them and brings them to the gym. All the girls love looking under every rock and inside every trashcan to see if they can find a counselor and earn club points for they’re team. We’ll be there too to see who wins and how the hunt goes!

Well as you can see, tomorrow is a special day. One in that it is Sunday, but it will be anything other than a day of rest for the campers here at Skyline. Its a good thing they have tonight to get rested and then a longer sleep time tomorrow ‘cause once they do wake up, it will be go go go all day long and into the night!

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I hope you guys at home are enjoying all the pics and videos and news from the blog, but I really hope you take advantage of Sunday and get some rest yourselves. Maybe by now, you’ve made it past the scanning of pics for your campers shoes, elbow, back of head and so forth and have progressed to being able to look through the pics quickly and maybe not as often. If ya haven’t thats ok, just be sure to put some time aside each day to catch some rest, By now I bet you have our pattern down of when the pics and video goes online so you should be able to rest when needed. I hope you do..

Well, its not too late at all so I’m gonna take full advantage the early night, and although I should go get some sleep, National Treasure is one of those movies that when its on, you just can’t help but to sit down and watch it till the end. Maybe I can stay away from the gym, but I doubt it. Kinda like some of you guys with the computer and the camper pics :-)

have a great night and we’ll see ya tomorrow after the carnival and counselor hunt!!

See ya!!