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Hellooooo Parents!!!! Welcome to opening Day of 2nd Session 2018!! I do have a couple of house cleaning items to take care of before we get started into all the action that took place up here on the mountain today. First, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! We know it wasn’t easy to drop your daughter off at camp on YOUR special day, but we do thank you and hope you had a great day! Second, I know in the new parent meeting I said the blog would go up at 11:00 eastern time and as I start the blog tonight, its already after 11:00 so I do apologize for the late posting, but we’ve had so many exciting things going on today and tonight (more to come on that in a little bit), that it just took me a while to get into the office tonight to write the blog. Now……without any further delays, let’s get on to all the excitement that has been going on!!

You guys did a great job this morning moving through the ling lines and getting everyone into their cabins and all settled in. I know the line was long, but believe it or not, you guys were all champions out there today with how quickly you were able to get unloaded, bunks squared away and then head on out. Now don’t get me wrong, some of y’all took a little (or a lot) longer than others before you actually started the car and headed out (and we know who you were!!) but all in all, the morning went really smooth. Thank you for your cooperation with the parking and so forth!

Once everyone headed out, the campers all got to play some get to know ya games with all their new cabin mates so they could get to know one another right off the bat. It sure didn’t take long either as they were all running around in their cabin groups calling each other by name.

Right after the games were finished, all the campers signed up for their activities and picked out which club they are going to be in. You guys playing along the next two weeks at home for the first time don’t worry. Everyone will be getting a card in the mail with your campers activities they signed up for along with what club they’re in. One word of warning for ya though, once your camper is in a club, they are in it for life and they take this club stuff pretty seriously. You sure don’t want to call your camper by the wrong club of club color so make sure to write it down when you see which club they’re in. Here’s a hint for ya though. When you see the cabin and club pics tomorrow just look and see what color the writing on their shirt is. If its red, then they are a Mountie, Blue means they are a Ranger and of course, green means they are a Trooper. I’m not saying it’s important but……well….yea, I’m saying its pretty important. It would be in your best interest to always get their club right if ya know what I mean.

After lunch we all had our Skyline Sister time where we pair a younger camper with an older camper and they is their new Skyline Sister and pall for their time in camp. Think of it like a big sis-little sis thing. They also learned the skyline sister dance and that will sure come in handy at the dance later on this week.

With all the excitement so far and the energy these girls were using learning their dance, they needed a break so it was the perfect time to open up Beli Deli, the camp canteen and let them try a Frios pop and a snack. I think theres some good footage from Beli Deli in tonights video.

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So after dinner it was time for everyone to enjoy tonights activity, “Cabin Fun Night!” This is where each cabin chooses what they want to do and they they all play it together. This way they can keep on spending time with their new cabin mates. We had everything from face painting, shaving cream wars (yes my smell of “sweat” was replaced by a nice cool menthol smell after I visited those girls! Either their aim was WAY off or right on, I can’ decide which one it is), tie dyeing, board games, a spa night (they’re at camp, right???) and a wild game of scavenger hunt. Of courier we topped the evening off with everyone getting to come to the campfire and enjoying some S’mors (ya gotta have S’mors if you have a campfire). and finally we had everyone at camp join around one campfire as we had our night time devotion and explained our theme verse for the summer.

By now all the campers are tucked away in their bunks and fast asleep (I wish I was!) and getting ready for their first day of activities tomorrow. DOn’t worry, we’ll be out there all day shooting pics and gettin’ video for you to keep up with as you play along at home.

We’ll tomorrow is gonna be a big and busy day and then if all the excitement of activities starting isn’t enough we’re gonna cap off the nigh with Sock Wars. Its kind of a 3D game of capture the blocks but you have to watch out and keep from being “tagged” by a stuffed sock that everyone has a stockpile of. All in all there will be about 1,00 stuffed socks flying through the air and all the campers screaming and running around trying to earn points for their club. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow so it will help explain some of the pics but its about as easy as hearing wild cats. So it shouldn’t be a problem!!

You guys have a great night, I’m gonna wrap this up and head off to bed. I suggest you guys at home do the same. Don’t stay up all night analyzing every picture looking for your campers face, or elbow, back of their head, tennis shoe or any other identifying mark you may think you can find. You’ll burn your self out and we still have a long way to go. (Alright A(H)G, I know you’re gonna do it anyway, go ahead but don’t blame me if you don’t get any sleep!!)

Y’all have a great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow with all the camp news!!

Get some rest,