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Hellooooooo parents!! And welcome to opening day of 1st session 2018! It was a beautiful day up here on the mountains many of you witnessed as you dropped your camper off for their adventure at Camp Skyline. Everyone did a great job of navigating the parking lot and most vehicles seemed to get in and out without a hitch once everyone got in the flow of unloading and relocating. It just works better when you think of others, not only in driving but pretty much everything.

Before we get started, let me introduce myself, I’m LJ and I’ll be bringing ya all the important news and what happened’s up here on the mountain while your camper is here with us. I’ll try to get the news to ya by 11:00 eastern time but it won’t take ya long to realize I never took typing in high school and some nights my fingers don’t cooperate with my eyes and it may be a little later. With that being said, don’t believe and typos you think your eyes may see. I tend to type just like I talk so if it seems this blog has a slight Southern drawl to it, you may be right! Know what I mean?? Anyway, on with the news!

Right after y’all left today Mother Nature sure looked like she was gonna cool things down a bit but would you believe we hardly even got a drop of rain? Just some cool winds and a little cloud cover that seemed to set the tone for perfect temps the rest of the day.

Now right after you guys headed out (and some of y’all took longer than others….. we noticed!!) All your campers played some get to know ya games with their new cabin mates and friends and then signed up for their classes for the session. You guys at home will be gettin’ a card in the mail in a few days with their schedule as well as which club they’re in. If you just cant wait and gotta know which club they in just look for the cabin and club pics that will be posted later on. If your camper is wearing red then she’s a Mountie, Blue means she’s a Ranger and of course, green means she’s is a Trooper! If this is your first time having a camper at Skyline, you might want to make a note of which club they’re in. Family wars have been started from someone calling their camper in the wrong club before! These girls take their clubs seriously!

After a big dinner all the campers headed out for “Cabin Fun Night” where each cabin decides what they want to do together. We had everything from tie dye, face painting, crab soccer, water balloon wars, spa night (really??) and more. Be sure to check out all the pics from tonight as soon as they go online. There’s plenty to choose from today!

By now all the campers are fast asleep (Im jealous!!) and getting ready for a big day tomorrow of their first activities. They’ll be learnin’ all the do’s and don’t of each activity before they jump right into the fun. Don’t worry though, we’ll be right there with ‘em taking all sorts of pics and videos for you to see each and every night.

Its a good thing all the campers are getting some sleep right now, ‘cause tomorrow night we’re gonna crank up the fun and action with the camper favorite, “Sock Wars”. This is where each camper will come to dinner dressed in their club colors (Don’t worry if your camper just found out which club they’r din today, there’s always plenty of extra club colors to go around for everyone) and then after dinner, each club will get a section of camp to hide their club flag. As soon as we ring the bell, all the campers head out from their section in search of the other clubs flags, but WATCH OUT!!!! Every camper is red with a handful of stuffed socks and if your tagged with a sock thats thrown from a camper in another club, you have to report to the scorers area before you hop right back in the game. Basically just try to imagine over 1,000 stuffed socks flying through the air in some of the most intense battles you can imagine. After it’s all over the club with the highest amount of points (for tagging other clubs with socks and/or finding the other clubs flag) will be the winner. And remember that “these girls take their clubs serious” talk we had a while back? Well, it’ll be evident when you see the pics of them defending their flag and club. Just wait and see, don’t say I didn’t tell ya…… Well, hitting the hey sounds like a pretty good idea about now and I think I’ll follow the girls lead and head that way myself to check my eyelids for leaks. The day stated really early (for some of y’all it was REAL early! I saw yall in line this morning before 0700) and I gotta get my rest if I have any chance of keeping up with all your campers throughout the session.

If you feel like you just gotta have a little more information throughout the day, you can follow us on instagram and they will post everyday to our story.

The sun has set, the temps have cooled down (they say its gonna get down to around 57 tonight up here!- thats PERFECT sleepin’ weather) and all the campers are fast asleep. You guys should do the same and get some rest. We still have a long way to go through this session and you don’t wanna burn yourself out this early in the summer.

Thanks for coming up here today and trusting Skyline with letting your daughter have one of the best summers of her life! Have a good night, we’ll see ya tomorrow.