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Hello again parents and welcome back to camp news. Today is another beautiful day with lots of sun and fun everywhere you look. The campers didn’t’ take long to get out and start in their classes this morning. As soon as I headed out into camp there were already campers up on the ropes course, swinging through the air in the circus and of course campers making their first rounds on horseback up at the stables. Not to mention the sound of arrows hitting the targets at archery as well as the ladies in rifelry. One of the campers got a 37 our of 50 on her first time shooting and she was grinning ear to ear and telling everyone she could find about how well she did her first time trying. I’m pretty sure it wont take her long to earn her way through the patches up to sharpshooter or marksman. I’ll keep ya in the loop and let ya know how she does.

Right now, everyone just finished a big lunch of meatloaf, mac and cheese (my FAVORITE vegetable!), fried okra, rolls, salad and deserts. So as I’m writing this, I’m pretty confident that they’re all taking a good nap now during rest hour after a meal like that (I know I’m about to try that!!).

Well, thats whats been going up so far today. I’ll be back in a little bit with more updates from the rest of the afternoon and then to finish later tonight after Sock Wars.

Be back soon!!

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Ok, guys, I’m back from the afternoon activities and when I tell ya the campers are jumping right in, I ain’t joking! They picked up right where they left off this morning and thats not wasting any time getting busy in their classes. The ladies at arts and crafts went over all the projects they had available to them and then picked one out and started crafting! I’ll check back with them in a few days and give ya some updates on how their projects turned out.

Now the mini campers…… what can I say, those young ladies are taking the camp by storm! They are all following each other and their counselors to their classes, like a bunch of little ducks. They show up and can’t wait to see what they’re doing next. They were really excited to get to shoot archery today and some of them are some pretty good shots. You can see in some of the pics from this afternoon all the fun they were having.

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Diner is finished and now it was time for the night time activity, a camper favorite, Sock Wars. Remember last night when I was talking about how seriously these ladies take which club they’re in? Well, tonight was their chance to show ya just what I meant. All the campers came to dinner all decked out in their club colors and I’ve never seen so much red, green and blue before! Every camper at dinner was wearing their colors, complete with face paint, hats, capes and even colored tutu’s (where do they get all that stuff?? No wonder their trunks were so heavy at check in!!)

There was no doubt which club every camper was in and as soon as dinner was finished, all the clubs went outside and then each club got a section of camp to hide their club flag. Each camper got a handful of stuffed socks to use to protect their flag and off they went to their area of camp to hide their flag. When we rang the bell, all the campers headed out to they and find the other clubs flag but WATCH OUT!! If your hit with a stuffed sock thats thrown by a camper in another club you have to report to the scorers table before you’re back in the game. the club with the lowest score (fewest members hit by a sock) is the winner. Of course there’s points for finding another clubs flag and bringing it to the scorers table. The best part of the night is when the campers ask questions before the game like “what happens if Piper (the camp dog) catches one of my socks and runs off? Ahhh ya gotta love the ones that pay attention to detail and try to take care of EVERYTHING that could happen….. (on the other hand…that HAS happened before)

It didn’t take long till the air was filled with stuffed socks and yells of laughter and pursuit as they chased each other all around camp hurling socks in every direction. Nothing if funnier than a young camper holding off several older campers simply because the young camper has a stuffed sock and every one knows she ain’t afraid to use it (everyone also knows that NO ONE can tell which direction that sock will go when she throws it!!). After an evening of chasing, throwing, yelling and cheering the final results were………. (ya hear that little drum roll in your head don’t ya??)……… Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!!!! Way to go girls!!! I’m sure you ALL are gonna sleep well tonight!!

Tomorrow will be another fast paced fun filled day as everyone will go straight to their activities and not having to go over all the do’d and don’ts and safety talked they had today. We’ll be out there shooting up pics just as fast as we can. We’ll be hitting different activities at different periods of the day than we did today so we will get all the campers covered, it may just take a day or two to do it.

Tomorrow night we’ll slow things down a bit and let the little darlings get their legs under them as we enjoy our very own Skyline Talent night. All the campers will join in the gym and get to see each other show their talents in everything from gymnastics, dancing, singing, playing the piano and more. We’ll be there too to catch all the action and let ya know who wins!

You guys have a great night, get some sleep and don’t burn the candle at both ends, or you’ll be as tired as your campers will be! (and me too). Hope you’re enjoying the blog and all the pics and video, we’ll see ya tomorrow night.

Sleep tight (I know I will!!),


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