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Hellooooo again parents!! I actually wonder sometimes how many of y’all are waiting up each night to catch the camp news hot off the press. If you’re one of those, well…. thank you and you really ought to find something a LOT better to wait up to read than anything I write. I’m sure my English teachers in high school would be laughing if they knew someone actually WANTED to read my scribblings. Anyway, since you’re hear, and I’m back in the office, lets get on with it and get ya caught up with what all happened today at camp!!

It started out like the rest of the day, a little warm and sunny and the campers were enjoying a fun filled Monday morning in their activities. Then was a delicious lunch and a much needed rest hour and thats when I think we all can agree, things started to go sideways….. First there was the rain, then there was the HARD rain, followed shortly by the monsoon.

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Now the good news about all this, like I said before, we were in rest hour and although its usually pretty nice to catch a nap with the sound of rain hitting the tin roofs of the cabins, once the hard rain and the monsoon came, it was not quite the peaceful tat, tat, tat of rain. Whens the good news you ask? (I’m glad you did). well, with all the heavy rain, it lasted a little more than an hour so we got to extend rest hour into rest hour and a half. The last 20 minutes, the rain had died down a bit and we just had to stay in cabins due to some thunder that was sticking around in the area but by that time the rain was back to the soothing sound and I don’t think anyone minded spending a little extra time in their bunks.

Once everything had cleared up and everyone made it to their classes, it was still a little too wet to go to regular activity areas so we were able to take the girls in the ropes course class and with go inside the gym and teach them how to climb UP rope. Yep, you read that right and i’m not that tired to make that kind of mistake. The girls learned how to use ascenders and climb up the ropes just like we do when were climbing up out of a pit cave or up a cliff. They really enjoyed learning a new skill and doing something that pretty much no one else knows how to do. Be sure to look at the pics and videos of them racing up the rope and be sure to check out their smiles. The best part, we had the ropes on a belay device so as they reached the top, we could send more rope through the device and it put them on a vertical treadmill where they actually climbed 50 to 60 feet of rope in a 15 foot tall area. It was fun watching them almost reach the top and then as we gave them more rope they just stayed in the same place even though they were working hard climbing and moving up the rope. I may have even done my best “State Farm” commercial imitation and used the phrase “ohhhh you almost had it!” a time or two. Not a bad way to spend a rainy day at all!!

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Now tonight we had our Sponge battle where the girls will put on their bathing suits and head to the field (completely decked out with face paint to show which club they were in) and at the start of the game, they all had wet sponges and water balloons and tried to tag each other with the balloons and sponges as each camper tried to get water in the other clubs pitcher. If you’re a little confused, don’t worry, you’re in good company but the girls love it and they seem to know what to do once the game begins so I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Now if you weren’t confused by that last bit of information, then theres hope for ya on this next part so pay attention in case ya have to explain it to someone in your family (or me). Since tomorrow is June 26, were going to celebrate the 4th of July (see…that make perfect sense don’t it?). 2nd session is always our 4th of July session and this year the calendar just didn’t cooperate with us very well but we won’t let that stop us. Its a special day and were gonna do it up right! The campers will get to sleep a little later and then be waken to the sounds of horses riding through the cabin area with our counselors on them yelling “The British are coming!!!” this will wake ‘em up and get them ready for the day of action. After a special flag raising we’ll get ready for our 4th of July parade all through camp complete with horses, floats and candy.

Now after our picnic lunch of monster hot dogs and all the fixin’s its off the the pool (you gotta have some pool time on the 4th of July) for our annual Swim Meet where everyone will get to compete in all kinds of wacky relays and theres even a rumor of our admin putting a team together to challenge some of our counselors. We’ll be there to bring ya all the action from in the water and around the pool deck.

After dinner the action isn’t finished. We’ll have one of the wildest wackiest weirdest relay races you’ve ever seen. Its called Speed Challenge and it consist of each group of campers (by age) doing 10 relay races back to back to back. As soon as one relay is finished the race is still on to start the next one and as soon as they’re finished with all 10 relays we have a winning club for that age group. Then we reset, reload and do it all over agin for the next age group, then the next, then the next, then the next. All in all theres 50 relays and the girls are exhausted. (as if they shouldn’t be already just from the last week!!).

Were gonna cap the day off with the biggest firework display on the mountain (I guarantee that tomorrow since it’s still June 26!!) and the campers will get to wind down and enjoy the areal display up above.

Then it’ll be time for bed (thank goodness!!).

Speaking of time for bed (spoiler alert!!) Its gettin’ to be that time for me so I think I’ll say good night and I can’t wait to see you guys again tomorrow to tell ya all the details about the exciting day we have tomorrow, the 4th of July ………. on June 26.

have a good one, I think its time for me to punch my ticket for the day and hit the hey!

See ya tomorrow,


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