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Howdy ho parents!! Man this week is flying by, you know what they say, “time flies when you’re havin’ fun!” and we are having all sorts of fun up here so far. All the campers woke this morning and then made their way down to our Morning watch for our morning devotion. Theres nothing better than starting the morning off with a good devotion and some quiet time before things get too busy. And busy they would become!!

Right after breakfast it was time for cabin clean up and club meetings before everyone headed off to their activities. It was another beautiful day up here, even with the warmer temps again. Everyone took full advantage of all the water fountains and coolers at the activities. Circus class had the plan of the day with using today to focus on teaching all the campers routines on the silks (like you see in Cirque du Soleil) inside the gym instead of out in the circus field looking up at the sun. They were even able to talk Cameron, one of the guys who works at camp holding safety lines, into trying HIS skills on the silks. One little difference though…..he’s 6’6 and plays quarterback in college. When you see the him try his luck on the silks and your campers on the silks, you tell me who the athletes are……. I know all the campers enjoyed learning their new tricks on the silks and I’m sure they’ll be happy to show ya when they get back home (of course that means you’ll have to purchase some silks and have a place to hang them… and dad’s, its not as easy as your campers make it look, just ask Cameron!!)

All day long I was greeted by “hey Larry” every time I walked past a group of mini campers. Either they are the friendliest bunch of campers I’ve ever seen or someone put them up to purposefully saying hello to me every time they saw me. Either way, it sure was nice to see so many smiling faces greeting me everywhere I turned. If no one put them up to it, I may have a just come across a great idea to use on some unsuspecting counselor or admin tomorrow…..hmmmmm. I’ll let ya know how it goes!

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Like I said earlier, it’s hard to believe we’re almost half way through the session and that can mean only one thing….its almost time for the dance with the boys from Camp Laney tomorrow night. As if there isn’t enough to do tomorrow, we’ll add in the excitement of getting to dance the night away under the stars out on our tennis courts. Its sure to be a good time and everyone will be showin’ their best moves as the music is playing. It also means tomorrow we will be Alabama Power’s favorite customer as there will be no less than 100 hair driers going as all the girls get ready and get all dressed up (like the need to dress up to impress the boys, all they really need to do is bring some of their rifelry targets and archery scores and show them that and they’ll be impressed…..and intimidated!!). Either way, Alabama Power will surly have to throw a couple more squirrels on their treadmills and crank up their generators to supply all the power we’re gonna need once they start with the hair driers! I’ll let ya know how many fuses get blown!

Oh, by the way, don’t worry folks about the dance, we’ll be right there in the middle of it all catchin’ all the action and lettin’ ya know who dances with who with the pics and video so be sure to check in and see who your camper danced with!

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Well, as I tried to explain last night (in about 10,000 words), we had Candy Crush (remember the balloons?) where all the campers went around camp trying to earn balloons by completing the task the counselor asked of them. I gotta tell ya, those balloons sure must have been valuable, ‘cause there were some crazy take being asked and I didn’t see one group of campers turn down any challenges! They were coming to one station by rolling down the hill to get there, putting on a little excessive amount of lipstick (it looked like they took cosmetology lessons from The Joker) and creating all sorts of new dances on the spot to get those balloons. You could hear them cheer when they would earn one and then immediately from somewhere else around camp you would hear the sound of “uggghhhhhh!!!!” as another group must have failed one of their challenges from a heckler and had to give up their balloon and then go back to try to earn it again. In the end, all the cabins made their way to the gym and then all at once, they got to pop their balloons to see what the point value was inside of ‘em. Once they tallied up all the points the winning cabin was…………………. it was a tie!!!!!! so now the winning cabinS WERE…………… Beetlebum and Riverside room 3!!

Now that all the fun and excitement of the day are finished, all the campers wrapped up the day with campfire and our nighttime devotion. Kind of a perfect way to bookend your day and slow things down and get back to the learning and growing part of the day. I’m sure that by the time you finish reading this all the campers will be fast asleep. (thats mostly due to the amount of time it takes me to type it, it has nothing to do with your reading speed or the fact its already past bedtime!) and since I was talking about not having to be in school to be learning something, I think I’ll follow the lead of the campers and go ahead and try to get some sleep myself.

You guys hang in there, you’re almost half way there and you’re doing great! Your campers are so proud of the progress you’re making without them around!!

Have a good one, ‘cause “like a slow kid in dodgeball………I’m outa here!”