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HELLOOOOOO PARENTS!! SORRY FOR SHOUTING SO LOUD ON THIS BLOG, ITS JUST MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING FROM ALL THE MUSIC FROM Our dance tonight. Whew! thats better. They just stopped ringing and now I can talk in normal voice again……. We had one heck of a dance tonight and you can see from all the pics your campers didn’t mind one bit as they all hit the dance floor (tennis courts) and danced (jumped?) the night away. All the girls were excited when the boys from Camp Laney pulled into camp in old ‘yeller (the school buses). Actually they got a little excited BEFORE the buses pulled in due to the fact we knew they were gettin’ close to camp. Now it’s not that we could see the buses or anything like that, that gave it away. It was the cloud of AXE body spray that was surrounding the buses as the drove here and when the wind blew just right, you could get a whiff of it long before you could see the buses. Anyway, as they did pull in and start to energetically unload and make their way to the tennis courts, our campers gave ‘em a “welcome to Skyline” human tunnel they could go through to help make them feel special. It must have worked because it didn’t take long for some of them to start showing off their best moves as they danced with our campers to all the music. Most of them weren’t nervous to dance or to ask your campers to dance, but there were a few that you could tell were a little intimidated by all the ladies out on the tennis courts. I’m not saying they didn’t come around, but at the beginning you could tell some of those boys looked more out of place than Snoop Dog at a George Strait concert, know what I mean? Thank goodness by the end of the night everyone was out on the courts and having a great time.

We were actually treated to a “pre dance” entertainment of 2 dances our mini campers performed for us. They have been working hard all week to get it just right (remember me talking about the minis workin on their dance earlier in the week?). Well, they got it down and got out there and showed everyone what kind of moves they had themselves and you could tell they were proud of the fact they learned it all in just one week as they were smiling ear to ear as the rest of the camp gave ‘em a standing “O” at the end of their dances! Well done ladies!!!

Speakin’ of mini campers, it sure is gonna be a sad day tomorrow when they all pack up and head home. It’s been great to get to hang with them all week and watch them in all their classes and listen to their stories throughout the day. We sure are gonna miss ya little guys! Make sure you keep up with your fellow campers and see how your clubs are doing throughout the rest of the session when you get home!

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On a side note to all the mini camper parents that will be arriving tomorrow to pick up your camper, be sure you have the “card” that was emailed to you so you can get into the back gate to get your camper. If you don’t have it, don’t sweat it too bad, you can stop in at the front office first and pick up another card so you can get in. You’ll want to stop in at the front anyway so you can get a USB with every picture you’ve seen online this week. The USB will have all the pics and they will be in hi-res so you can print them, share them, do whatever you want with them. Remember, your mini campers haven’t seen any of the pics yet so they will be excited to go through them again with you (I’m pretty sure you won’t mind either!)

Now besides everyone being excited for the dance we had some other excitement today at camp. Our “cooking 2” classes this year have had a “guest chef” each session come in and help the girls in there with one of eerie own special recipes. Today we were honored to have Doug Bowling from Doug’s Downtown Deli in Rome, Georgia stop in and taught all the girls how to make one of their signature sandwiches the Downtown Turkey along with his secret recipe for a side bowl of cheese grits. Trust me on this parents, if your camper was in the cooking 2 class, you WANT them to make one of these for you for a meal! Besides all the campers in the classes, there was a steady rotation of extra counselors and even our own admin was seen several times throughout the day going in just to make sure cooking class was going ok……. Funny, they haven’t stopped in like that before, it may have something to do with every time they came back out they had a plate with a sandwich and a bowl of cheese grits with ‘em……..

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Now tomorrow will be another busy day of activities so for the nighttime activity we’re gonna slow things down a bit and let everyone get their legs back under ‘em as we sit back and enjoy movie night out in the gym. Of course everyone will come to dinner in their PJ’s and carrying their sleeping bag or blanket along with their pillow. It ends up looking like the world’s largest slumber party as they get to the gym and get their pillows set. Then we’ll hand out a bag of popcorn to every camper (I’m pretty sure its a law somewhere in Alabama that you HAVE to have a bag of popcorn if you’re watching a movie in your PJ’s) for them to enjoy as the movie is playing. I haven’t heard yet what the show will be but you can bet no one is going to complain about getting to sit back and relax for a little while as they take in a nice quiet night.

Well, now that the ringing in my ears has stopped and there’s no more Justin Timberlake playing in my head, I’m gonna try to head off and get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow saying good bye to all the mini campers and then its right back out to the action in camp till movie time. You guys get some rest, some of y’all are looking pretty tired and it looks like you need the rest too. Maybe you can have your own movie night tomorrow and get your legs back under you.

Y’all have a good one, I’m about to Git ‘R done!!

See ya tomorrow,


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