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Well hello again parents, sorry its a little late tonight as we bring ya all the news form camp today. Hopefully you guys have been able to use the extra time looking through all the pics and finding your camper in every shot she was in or was “possibly in”. I know there were a lot of pics today and what a perfect day to get ‘em. We had blue skies and nice warm temps (ok, the temps COULD have been a little cooler, but I ain’t gonna complain that much, it could have been a LOT worse). The camper didn’t seem to mind as they were all enjoying their activities and having fun in the sun. I did get to stop and watch the advanced circus class today and those girls have some real skills. You wouldn’t believe its just day 3 of classes with the way they are flying around and catching the cloud swing with their knees and toes, thats right I said toes. We’ll try to get out there tomorrow so you guys can see what I’m talking about with that ‘cause its worth seeing.

The mini campers are having a ball and its fun to watch them everyday in horseback and especially down in their dance class. They are shaking and grooving with all the music and learning a whole dance routine that we all will get see right before we have our dance with Camp Laney later this week. I know they’ve been working hard and its gonna be a great time watching all the little guys dance together in front of the whole camp.

I was able to stop in rifelry today and watch the ladies work on their shooting skills. I’m happy to report that none of them were involved in the “rifelry as a Non contact” sport. everyone was getting bullets on paper and you can see them getting better at it each time they shoot. This year, they’re working on a different program in rifelry as they can work towards their marksman and sharpshooter patches for being consistent in their shooting skills and also being consistent from the different shooting positions. The girls love it and they are working hard each day to get batter and better. Looks like some of y’all may have some future hunters to take with ya next time you head out in the woods!!

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Tonight as were were enjoying a nice quiet dinner (ok, that isn’t true…. we were enjoying dinner, but it was anything but quiet! These girls “sing” (and when I say sing, I mean yell at the top of their lungs in unison) at every meal), when all of a sudden the doors slammed open and in came a bunch of Camp Laney counselors (ok, that ain’t true either….it was just our counselors dressed up to look like the Laney guys) and would you believe they came right in, interrupted the “song” and took our camper’s club leaders and their club flags (now THAT part is true). Well, you know our campers aren’t gonna stand for that and just as soon as they finished their deserts (you can’t go rescue someone in an empty stomach) they teamed up in their clubs and headed out to get back their leaders and their club flags. The only catch was the counselors were armed with stuffed socks and they had to get 4 campers around the legs of a counselor to get that counselor out. As soon as they had all the counselors “out” in that area, they got their leader back and then it was off to get the next clue to tell ‘em where to go to find their club flag and then their club box. If a camper was hit with a stuffed sock that was thrown by a counselor, they had to report to the scorers table and then they were right back in the game. See easy right!!???

Your campers didn’t disappoint their leaders as they came in wave after wave trying to get to the counselors legs and eventually they made their way there and had all the counselors out. They ket going until they had their leaders, their flag AND their club boxes back in their rightful possession. Once all the shoutin’, runnin’ and throwin’ were finished the results for club points were……….Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the terrific Troopers 1st!!!! Way to go girls you definitely earned your sleep tonight!!

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Now tomorrow well be back at our classes and the tomorrow night we have a new program here called “Candy Crush” where your campers will be traveling around camp in their cabin groups going up to counselors (who will be dressed up in some crazy costumes) and asking for a piece of candy (really a balloon, that makes perfect sense doesn’t it??? See what I have to work with up here??) Before they get the balloon, um…… I mean candy they’l have to complete a task asked if them by that counselor. But just like in real life there will be some hecklers out there that will try to take the campers balloons, dang it, I mean candy and if they do, they’ll have to go back to that station again to do another task and try to get another piece of candy (got it right that time!!). I know it sounds strange but the campers love it and there’s plenty of smiles from everyone as they complete crazy task to get their candy (I’m on a roll!!) and take it safely back to the gym for cabin points. If you’re completely confused, don’t worry, you’re in good company but maybe the pictures and video tomorrow night will help sort it all out (gosh, I certainly hope so!! I’m not doing a very good job of it).

Well with all the confusion about balloon, errr, candy crush I think it’s time to let my brain try to sort all this out and hopefully you can too. Maybe a nice 8-10 hours of sleep will help (doesn’t matter, we all know that ain’t gonna happen). Lets just get some zzzzzz’s and cross our fingers for tomorrow and see what happens. If I can’t figure it out I’ll just hang out with the mini campers and maybe they can explain it to me better!

Y’all have a great night, I’m about to check my eyelids for any leaks…

see ya tomorrow!!