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Welcome to week 2 parents!! Can you believe were already this far into the session? Time sure flies when you’re having fun and these campers are having all sorts of fun every day! When we woke up this morning the temps were nice and cool with a little breeze blowing all day long. It was a little warm in the sun but just a minute or two in the shade and you were feeling just right! I got to spend some time in both the sun and shade today as I made my way around camp watching all the campers in their activities. I got to help out with circus class a little bit today and it was really nice to get back to where it all began for ma here at camp with being out in the sun at the circus rings. Those girls blew me away with how hard they are working at their tricks and being able to make each trick look effortless and smooth. As soon as one camper would finish doing her routine, I would offer some pointers and even though they were tired, everyone of them went right back up and worked out any kinks they had in what they were doing before. I can’t wait to see them perform in Showtime later this week, it was great to see how proud they were of what they’ve accomplished so far and how hard they were working to make it better.

From circus I made my way to the ropes course and watch some campers brave their fears and tackle the zip line and rock climbing tower. Almost all of them were going farther and faster than they had done before and you could hear the other campers encouraging them on every step of the way. Be sure to check out some of the pics from the ropes course and you can see from their faces they were pretty excited about whet they did today.

Speaking of what campers did today, our group of campers that went to ride the white water of the Ocoee River all made it back to camp and they had story after story about the rapids they challenged. We’ll have the pictures from their trip up online tomorrow morning since they got back a little late for tonights post.

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I did get to take a tip out to the equestrian ring this morning and watch our campers in the equestrian program show their skills at jumping. Actually the horses were jumping, bu they were riding them and making them respond to every one of their commands to do it the right way. All I can say is “Wow!!” what a job they did. The campers looked so small on top of the horses and they were in control of every step they took. You can see from the pics, the level of concentration and determination on their faces as they made their way over the rails. It really is amazing to see what all they’ve done in the short time they’ve been working with their horses.

The campers got the final “Golden Horseshoe” clue today at lunch. So far no one has been able to find the horseshoe and earn the points for their club. But with todays clue, I saw a lot of eyes light up and looks on their face like they had solved it so maybe tomorrow will be the magic day for some lucky camper and her club. We’ll let ya know!!

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Tonight we had a nice easy night with Movie Night at Skyline. All the campers came to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and ready to take their sleeping bag or blanket and pillow and head to the gym to get their popcorn and get comfortable to enjoy a showing of Pocahontas. Its not quiet the Christmas classic, but everyone was excited to get to lay back and watch the show.

Tomorrow will be another busy day as our advanced canoeing class will be up early (6:00 AM) to head downstream to Desoto Falls state park. They’ll be packing their breakfast with ‘em as they’ll finish their trip with breakfast by the falls. Don’t worry, they’ll have a camera with ‘em (I ain’t getting up that early to paddle with ‘em!!) and they’ll bring back some incredible shots of the whole group enjoying a relaxing “picnic” around one of Alabama’s most beautiful spots.

After another full day of classes we’ll end the night with a crazy game of one relay after another called “Speed Challenge”. This will be a series of 10 relays back to back to back until all 10 are finished. And thats with just one age group of campers. As soon as they finish all 10, we’ll reset and reload and start the whole thing over again. and again. and again. and again. and 1 last time till all 6 age groups have completed all the relays. Yea…its a LONG night with nonstop action from the start to the finish. Some of the relays will be covering your club mate with shaving cream, the blob run, pass your club through a hula hoop, tic tac toe push ups, and more! Be sure to check out the pics, you won’t wanna miss any of the fun with this activity!

Well, its about that time and normally I would be saying good night as I head off to bed, but since I have check in tonight for all our counselors that have the night off, I think I’ll sit back and enjoy my cup of BRCC coffee and see if i can find a movie to watch myself until everyone gets in a little while. Hopefully you guys playing along at home don’t have to stay up much later and will be able to get some rest so you can stay up tomorrow night to see all the pics from Speed Challenge. If ya need some coffee, you’ll have to get your own. There are some things in life I don’t share!

Have good night and pass me the remote please……we’ll see ya tomorrow!!