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Helloooooooo Parents, and welcome to opening day of 3rd session 2018! It turned out to be a great day for everyone to move into camp. Mother Nature was supposed to drop some showers on us but no one was complaining that she didn’t show up! One thing that was so nice this morning was the fact check in went so smooth, My hat’s off to all you parents for how smoothly you handled the move in this morning. Everyone was in and out without a hitch, ok, some of y’all did take a little longer to actually head out but we know who you are! Thats ok the campers didn’t take near as long to start meeting old friends and making new ones. They were playing all sorts of “get to know ya” games with all their new cabin mates.

All the campers picked out their activities today and you guys at home will be gettin’ a card in the mail soon with a list of there classes and what club they’re in. Now before ya go runnin’ out to the mailbox to wait on that card, let me warn ya. This is Mentone and things sometimes run a little slower up here that what you might be used to. I’m not saying the mail is slow, but I’m pretty sure our mailman takes an hour and a half to watch the show “60 Minutes” Know what I mean? Anyway it will get to ya one day so just be patient and you’ll it’ll arrive.

If you’re one of these people that just has to know which club your daughter is in then here’s some good news for ya. Check out the cabin and club pics that went online earlier today and if your daughter is wearing a red Skyline shirt, she’s a Mountie. If it’s blue, she’s a Ranger and of course if tis green, then she’s a Trooper. Now make sure once you know which club she’s in you don’t forget it. Small family feuds have started over someone calling a camper by the wrong club name ‘cause these girls take their clubs seriously. You’ll get the idea as the session goes on and you see how hard they’re competing in their nighttime activities for their clubs.

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This afternoon we had our Skyline sister where all our younger campers are paired up with an older camper so they have a big sis- little sis thing going for them while they’re here and probably much longer to be truthful with ya.

Now tonight we let each of the cabins choose what they wanted to do as we had “Cabin Fun Night”. This is where they got to play whatever they wanted to do as a cabin (that way they keep getting to know their new cabin mates). We had all sorts of games like ships and sailors, face painting, dancing, spa night (at camp???), crab soccer and of course shaving cream wars.

After all the fun night, it was time for everyone to come to campfire for a S’more and to hear our nighttime devotion from Sarah Kate our camp chaplain. It was a perfect way to wind down the day and let everyone slow down before going to bed.

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Now tomorrow will be a full day of activities and we’ll be out there with ‘em catching all the action of their first day so be sure to come back and check in to see what all happening. Tomorrow night we’ll have the camper favorite Sock War where our clubs will each head out to their area of camp and hide their flag. Once we ring the bell everyone will start looking for the other clubs flags and they’ll have to watch out! Cause every girl will be armed with stuffed socks and if you are hit by a sock that thrown by a camper in another club, you have to report to the scorers tableland then you’re right back in the game. Think of it like a 3-D game of capture the flag (Or think of it as herding cats….it’s about that easy!!)

Well, with all the action going on today and tomorrow, I think its time for me to hit the hey and get some sleep so I can keep up with all the campers tomorrow. I suggest you guys that are playing along at home do the same. Its gonna be a long 2 weeks if you try to stay up every night scanning all the pics and video for any identifying mark you can find on you camper (elbow, back of head, shoes, etc…- trust me, I know some of y’all out there do that!!). Be sure to pace yourself so you’re not burned out before the session is finished.

With that being said, I’m gonna say good night and let you guys get some rest, you’re gonna need it and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow!!

have a good one, I’m outta here!!


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