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Helloooooo parents!!!!!! Welcome to opening day of 4th session 2018! One thing I love about 4th session is by this time of the summer, everyone os so laid back about being early to check in. I know some of y’all got here and saw a long line, but trust me, that wasn’t anything compared to 1st session and hopefully the lined moved quickly for ya once check in procedure stated. All in all everyone moved through the check in quickly and then got settled into their cabin all in just a short time.

It didn’t take long for the campers to get settled in and start meeting old friends and making new ones. Once all the parents headed out (and we did notice some of y’all took a little longer than others!) the campers were busy playing get to know you games with all their new cabin mates for the session. This was followed by a camp tour, picking which clubs they’re in and signing up for their classes for the next 2 weeks. And it wasn’t even lunch time yet!!

You guys playing along at home this session should be gettin’ a card in the mail in the next few days with your campers schedule and which club they’re in. If this is your “rookie year” at being a camp parent then this next part is just for you! Make a note or better yet, write down in stone which club your camper is in cause these girls take their clubs seriously and you don’t want to start a family feud by calling your camper by the wrong club. If ya can’t wait to see which club your camper is in then heres a veteran clue. In the cabin and club pics, if your camper is wearing a green Skyline shirt then she’s a Trooper, if it’s blue, she’s a Ranger and if its red, then of course she is a Mountie. Make sure you see which one she is and remember it, you’ll be buying stuff in that color all year as they get ready to come back to camp each year! Once they’re in a club, they’re in it for life!

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Now about that card thats on its way to ya….. Remember when I said 4th session seemed to be a little more “laid back?” well, apparently the mail system in Mentone is celebrating 4th session all year long as I’m pretty sure they’ve never broken any speed laws so I wouldn’t go runnin’ out to wait by the mail box just yet. Don’t worry though, it will get to ya…..eventually

Now after lunch, all the campers got their Skyline Sister. This is where an older camper is paired with a younger camper as new buddies so everyone has another camper they know well and can hang out with during camp. It’s sort of a bib sis- little sis thing and they love it. If you look through the pics, you might see who your campers Skyline sister is.

Now tonight we wanted everyone to keep getting to know all their new cabin mates so we had out “Cabin fun night” where each cabin got to choose what they wanted to do together. We had everything from shaving cream wars (the field has a nice menthol smell to it now thanks to all the shaving cream on it), crab soccer on the sports field, spa night (we are at camp right… night????) gaga ball, face painting, tie dyeing and a strange game of hide and seek that the girls love and I still don’t understand. You could hear them yelling and laughing all across camp as the night went on.

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After all the activities, it was time for everyone to come by the campfire and enjoy their very own S’mor before the evening devotion. It was a nice way to calm everything down and get ready for a much needed bed time. Speakin’ of bedtime, all the campers are now fast asleep, thanks to a full day of activities and cooler temps brought to us by a nice rain shower that came through this afternoon. Its the perfect temperature to crawl into bed and get some much needed zzzz’s and they’re all enjoying their slumber as we speak.

Tomorrow we’ll have a fast paced day as we start all our activities and the girls will be busy learning all the rules of each activity and picking out their projects in arts and crafts, pottery and painting. We’ll be out there with ‘em catching all the action as they start the fun so you guys at home can keep up with everything.

Tomorrow night we’ll have a camper favorite called “Sock Wars”. Remember when I talked about how serious these girls take their clubs? Well, you’re gonna see just what I’m talking about tomorrow as the 3 clubs each go to their part of camp with their club flag and when we ring the bell, they’ll all head out in search of the other clubs flag and camper, but WATCH OUT!!!! All the campers are armed with stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks!!) and if you’r hit with a stuffed sock thats thrown by a camper in another club, you have to report back to the scorers table before you get right back into the game. So its pretty easy, just try to picture a couple hundred girls all armed with stuffed socks, faces painted and fully dressed in their club colors running around camp, yelling and throwing socks at each other. Easy right??? Taking pictures of all that action is just as easy as trying to herd a bunch of wild cats!

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We’ll be right in the thick of things as we bring ya all the action so be sure to check back as we load all the pics 3 times a day (after lunch, after dinner and after the night time activity). One thing I want to warn ya about is trying to keep up with everything. If you’re not careful you’ll spend all the free time you thought you were gonna have while your camper is here with us. Some of y’all are gonna be up way too late at night scanning the pictures for any signs of your camper (her elbow, shoes, trying to see if that’s her 50 feet back in the picture, back of her head, etc…) you can laugh now, but some of y’all will have a “moment” later this session when you look up and realize that you’re doing exactly what I described. We still have 2 weeks to go so be sure to pace yourself, theres still a lot of fun to come!

Speakin’ of fun, heading off to bed and getting some sleep myself sure sounds like fun to me right now so I think I’ll wrap this blog up and head off to bed to get some sleep so I can try to keep up with all your campers tomorrow. You guys playing along at home should do the same!!

Y’all have great night and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow!!

Have a good one,