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Well howdy parents!! Welcome back to Day 2 of 4th session and what a day its been! Your campers have been busy with all their activities today and it didn’t take ‘em long to get into the swing of things as before you could say “ready, set, go!” they were already making their way around the ring on horseback or climbing the dangling duo or centipede at ropes course and of course the ladies out at the circus area were really getting into the swing of things on the Mexican Cloud swing.

I didn’t get down to check out rifelry today but from the looks of some of the pics, they were doing pretty well learning their safety commands and then putting rounds on target. I’ll be sure to check on them tomorrow so I can report back to ya how they’re doing. The ladies at archery were doing pretty well for their first day. The counselors were busy helping each girl and you could see they get better with each round of arrows they shot. That is the one class where you can see improvement each and every day so I”ll be by there a lot to check on them and see how if there’s any Robin Hoods in the bunch. I bet there is….

All the camper in canoeing and swimming class passed their swim test today so that means tomorrow willl be filled with plenty of sounds of girls going down the water slide and being blobbed. Those make some great pictures and videos so be sure to check in tomorrow and see what all the excitement is about. Besides being fun to do, theres nothing better than the water slide or the blob to get ya in the river and cool off. I’m pretty sure they’ll be enjoying the water as the sun creeps up and raises the temperature throughout the day. (Maybe I need to see if I can help them with the blob??)

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Tonight we had our camper favorite, Sock Wars. This is where the campers are split by their clubs and go to their own section of camp. Each camper is armed with handfuls of stuffed socks and when we ring the bell they all head out trying to find theater clubs flag. While they’re looking for the club flags they’ll also be wearin’ their arms out throwing stuffed socks at each other trying to tag any camper in a different club with a sock ‘cause if they do, that camper has to report to the scorers table and then they’re right back in the game. Needless to say there was plenty of red, green and blue tonight as they all were decked out in their club colors to help defend their flag. And once we rang the bell….. there was hundreds of socks flying through the air as wave after wave of campers came to the front lines of the sock battle to try and make their way into the other clubs areas. I know after all the cheerin’, runnin’ and throwin’ they HAVE to be sleeping good tonight! Theres no way they have any energy left after the fast paced action they displayed all night long. At the end of the night and after all the socks had been thrown and rethrown and rethrown, the final results were…………………………………. (Can ya hear that drum roll in your head yet??)…………… Rangers 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!!! Way to go girls! Be sure to congratulate your camper on a job well done in her next email.

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Speakin’ of emails…. They are printed out each morning around 9:15 Central time and delivered to the campers at the regular mail time right after lunch. SO if you want your camper to get an email from ya, be sure to get it in before 9:15 (thats 10:15 to all you folks over in Georgia on eastern time)

Tomorrow will be an even faster paced day as now that we have all the rules and so forth out of the way, it will be straight to the action in the activities. There’s gonna be plenty of great pics and video from the whole day and you don’t wanna miss ‘em. I know your campers will be more than willing to pose for the cameras.

Now after all the action of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we’re gonna slow thing s down just a it tomorrow night to let everyone get they’r legs back under ‘em as we all come to the gym to enjoy our own version of Skyline’s Got Talent!! We’ll have our very own talent night in the gym and its sure to be full of all sorts of amazing performances from the campers and it will be great to get to watch ‘em strut their stuff in front of all the other campers. We’ll be there too, right down front and center to bring ya all the action as soon as they’re finished.

Well, with everything thats been happening today I think it’s a good time to wrap this up and head off to bed so I at least have somewhat of a fighting chance to keep up with your campers (yea….right, like I’m gonna be able to do that!!). I’ll give it my best shot and do everything I can to catch as much action as I can so I’ll be able to let ya know everything that’s happenin’ up here so keep your fingers crossed.

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You guys have a great night and don’t forget what I said about pacing yourselves with the computer. If you’re not careful you’ll be more tired than your campers and that just ain’t a good thing! Trust me!!

So good night, sleep tight and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ok, maybe not so much bright eyed or bushy tailed but I will be back here tomorrow night so come on back and join me!

We’ll see ya tomorrow, y’all get some sleep!!