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Well helloooooo again parents! I hope you guys at home have had as much fun was we have up here on the mountain, but I’m pretty sure that would be hard to do. The campers woke this morning rip roarin’ to go and get busy with all their classes and activities. It didn’t take ‘em long after breakfast to get back to the cabins, clean them up and make their bunks before they were running off to their first full day of action. You could hear screams of fun and excitement all through camp as campers rode the giant V swing, or were playing in the river. You could especially hear the yells as they were getting blobbed and flying through the air to land in the river. I’d have to say that was the busiest part of camp today.

The campers in arts and crafts and pottery were starting on their projects and we’ll stop by there as the week goes on to check on their progress and get ya some pics of the work they’ve completed so far. That area of camp is one of my favorite areas because its in the shade and over looking the river. Not to mention theres always a nice breeze blowing through there too. Even for the campers that are taking their time on their projects, it’s a great place to sit, relax and talk with each other as you create your masterpiece.

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Although it was a little warm this afternoon, Mother Nature helped out and started to bring in some clouds this afternoon. The first part of rest hour the sky was sunny and it was really warm but before you knew it, the clouds built and started to grow darker. Then it cooled off quickly and the wind picked up and it was completely overcast. Before you knew it the first few rain drops started to fall and then the bottom fell out and camp got a good old fashioned frog strangler of a rain. It was perfect to help you get to sleep if you were in the your bunk and resting during the rest hour (which all the campers were). That same scenario I just described was not so perfect if you were on a mower trying to mow the soccer field before the afternoon activities (which I was). I did appreciate the cool breeze and the first few drops of rain but could have done without the downpour ……… at least until I was finished mowing. I’m only asking for about 10 minutes but apparently Mother Nature wasn’t in the giving mood so she won out (as she usually does) and so the mower (and me) got a nice cool shower during the middle of the day (and in the middle of the field). Oh well, I finished the mission come rain or shine and the fields were all cut and ready to use for 4th period.

This afternoon I was watching the campers in the rock climbing class and just enjoyed watching them encourage each other on to try different routs up the tower or to keep trying the rout they were on. Many of them eventually had success on their quest to reach the top and the ones that didn’t were determined to keep trying throughout the session until they make it. I’ll let a know how they do as the session goes on.

Tonight we had our Talent Show in the gym in front of the whole camp. Nevermind the courage it took to climb the tower, the ones that got in front of everyone and performed on the stage are the ones that have what we call “grit”. Those girls were fearless when it came time to perform (I know I couldn’t have done it) and they put on one heck of a show! We had everything from dancing, piano playing, gymnastics and more. I don’t know how the judges picked a winner out of all the talented campers we had but here is what they came up with…………..(ya hear that drum roll again, don’t ya???)…..

Groups 1,2,& 3:

3rd place- Merdith Word

2nd place-Sabrina McGovern

1st place- Ella Johnson

Groups 5 & 6

3rd place- Kate Franklin

2nd place- Sarah Coleman Hornsby

1st place- Lindsey Jane Drummand

Overall winners:

Groups 1, 2, & 3: Madison Mueller

Groups 5 & 6: Meg Better & Mary Grace Nelson

Congrats to all the girls for their performances tonight! Everyone enjoyed slowing things down a little bit and enjoying the show in the gym.

Now tomorrow well be right back at it as all the activities will be full again and campers will be busy painting, swingin’, shootin’ and swimin’. I can’t wait to get out and see how much better everyone is doing tomorrow and how much more courageous they are at trying things they might have been nervous about today. Each day will bring a little more progress and confidence and those two things together will go a long way in how far these campers grow while they’re here.

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Tomorrow night we’ll have “Get Skyline Back” where our camp will be invaded by some stinky ole’ boy counselors from Camp Laney (not really, its just our campers dressed up to look (and smell) that way). They’ll come into the dining hall during dinner and take our club leaders and their club flags. Now if ya remember what I told y about how seriously these girls took their clubs, well then…… you know they ain’t gonna stand around and just let that happen. Your campers will head out on a search and recover mission to get back their club leaders and club flags and all they have to do is get 4 campers around the legs of one of the counselors thats holding their leader. Oh yea…. they have to be able to do that without being hit by a stuffed sock that the counselors will have and be using to defend them selves. If they’re hit by a sock then its off to the scorers table and then they’re right back in the game and joining another wave of camper led attacks to free their club leader. Its sure to present some interesting video and pictures as they keep attacking over and over agin until they get all the counselors out of the game and recover their leader. As issn as they do that, its back to the dance hall and then they get the next clue that takes ‘em to where ever their club flag is and they do it all over again. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see how your club did and to catch all the action.

Well, I’m off to see why Facebook is taking so long to load tonight video, but the good thing is you should be able to watch it right here at the end of the blog. Of course all you parents playing along at home already knew that didn’t ya?

Y’all have great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow. We’re 3 days in and still going strong!!! (thanks to some really strong BRCC coffee every night!!)

Have a good night,